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Healthy Hearing Free Guide Offers Information, Resources for Hearing Loss

Healthy Hearing Free Guide Offers Information, Resources for Hearing Loss Healthy Hearing releases five free guides to provide individuals with more information on hearing loss. This guide focuses on hearing loss and treatment options. 2012 591 Healthy Hearing Free Guide Offers Information, Resources for Hearing Loss

Not being able to hear adequately isn’t just frustrating, it also can be a safety concern – especially when it interferes with the ability to hear warning signals, such as police sirens, weather alarms or railroad crossing and train whistles.

If you suspect you or someone you love is among the one in ten individuals experiencing some sort of hearing loss, a free guide from Healthy Hearing can answer your questions and point you toward the resources you need. hearing loss and treatment free guide

Hearing Loss and Treatment: Symptoms of Hearing Loss and Treatment Options is an easy-to-read guide which walks you expertly through the symptoms of, definitions and terminology associated with and places to turn for those who believe they may have some type of hearing loss.

Does your hearing improve when you turn up the volume? That’s one of the symptoms of conductive hearing loss. Do you have problems understanding people when they talk, even when they’re speaking in a normal tone? That’s one of the symptoms of sensorineural hearing loss. And that ringing or buzzing sound in your ear is called tinnitus, a symptom of hearing loss – all of which is explained in the Hearing Loss and Treatment guide.

As with most medical conditions, treatment of hearing loss begins with a thorough hearing evaluation conducted by a hearing care professional. A detailed description of this 30-45 minute evaluation is outlined in the Hearing Loss and Treatment guide, and involves answering a series of questions about your general health, a visual inspection of your ears, a measure of the amount of hearing in each ear and other tests designed to assess your auditory system.

The guide explains why it’s important to take someone with you to the evaluation and defines some of the terminology you may encounter while you’re there. Common tools used in a hearing evaluations, such as an otoscope and audiogram, are discussed in easy-to-understand language, along with other tests which may be performed to assess all aspects of your hearing.
In the ‘Types of Treatment’ section, the guide explains what plan of treatment your health professional may recommend after the evaluation, depending upon the source of your hearing loss. Those with conductive hearing often have their hearing restored once the underlying cause of the condition is identified and repaired, either through surgery or medication. Individuals diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss, which is most often caused by damage to the inner ear, may need hearing aids or a cochlear implant to improve the impairment.

Information concerning a cochlear implant is included in the guide, along with insights into hearing aids and other types of treatment. Links in the guide provide more information regarding conductive hearing loss, the indications of hearing loss, news on cochlear implants and frequently asked questions about hearing evaluations.

Experts say hearing loss is on the rise, but the good news is detection and advances in medical science can restore or improve your hearing. So, if you’re one of the more than 23-million Americans estimated to have some type of untreated hearing loss, you owe it to yourself to have a comprehensive hearing evaluation as soon as possible.

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