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Hearing Aid Reviews: Oticon ConnectLine

Hearing Aid Reviews: Oticon ConnectLine Oticon’s ConnectLine Solution series includes the Streamer, TV Adaptor, Microphone and Phone Adaptor, working together with hearing aids to connect individuals to a variety of electronic and entertainment technology. 2011 557 Hearing Aid Reviews: Oticon ConnectLine

connectline systemOticon’s ConnectLine system includes four new devices that help optimize wearers’ listening experiences and connect them to modern modes of entertainment and communication technology.  The ConnectLine system works with select Oticon hearing instruments to further improve listening experiences in situations requiring a little extra boost above and beyond what the hearing aid can do on its own. Hearing aid wearers can sometimes find that, despite the amplification provided by quality hearing instruments, certain areas of communication remain difficult, such as watching television, talking on the telephone, or having a conversation in an especially loud or reverberant environment. With the addition of ConnectLine’s easy-to-use wireless technology, audio signals are directly received through the hearing aids – resulting in better speech understanding and reducing background interference.

Oticon’s ConnectLine system includes four components:  Streamer, TV Adaptor, Microphone and Phone Adaptor. These user-friendly devices increase listening comprehension in conditions which often remain challenging for individuals with hearing loss. The Streamer lies at the heart of the series. The Streamer is a small piece worn around the user’s neck. It converts Bluetooth signals into the wireless signals picked up by hearing aids. The Streamer works with the other items in the ConnectLine family to directly transmit the signals to the hearing aids, bypassing background noise in the room and resulting in better understanding of speech.

One of the most common complaints among family members who live with someone with hearing loss is that the television is always turned up too loud!  The ConnectLine TV Adaptor solves this problem.  It is a small, discreet box that connects to most television sets’ audio output (usually found on the back of the television). The TV Adaptor sends its signal straight to the hearing aid user, allowing for improved intelligibility and individual control of the volume for the hearing aid wearer. With the use of the ConnectLine TV Adaptor, families can enjoy watching television together again, at a comfortable level for all.

The telephone is another area that people with hearing loss can find troublesome, even with the use of hearing aids. The Streamer helps alleviate this problem when paired with any cell phone with Bluetooth capabilities.  When the Streamer is linked with the ConnectLine Phone Adaptor, even landline telephones can become hands-free and stream straight into the hearing aids. The additional benefit of receiving the telephone signal through both ears results in increased ease of listening for the hearing aid wearer.

The ConnectLine Microphone is the newest tool in this system to help optimize hearing aid performance.  The microphone is worn by the person to whom a hearing aid user is speaking.  It sends the speech information right into the hearing aids. This helps overcome listening challenges faced due to distance from a speaker or competing background noise.

connectline streamer

This system is compatible with the following Oticon hearing aid lines: Agil, Intiga, Acto, Chili, Ino Pro, Safari, Dual Connect, Epoq, and Vigo Connect.  Cost of the system depends on the components chosen - contact your local hearing center for more information.

The introduction of the ConnectLine series into a hearing aid user’s everyday life will increase enjoyment of music and television as well as improve intelligibility in tough listening situations, including the telephone and cell phone.

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