Financial Assistance: Let Them Hear Foundation

Financial Assistance: Let Them Hear Foundation Let Them Hear Foundation (LTHF) is a charitable organization that strives to assist those with hearing impairments by providing resolutions to funding needs for hearing services, and by assisting people... 2011 400 Financial Assistance: Let Them Hear Foundation

Let Them Hear Foundation (LTHF) is a charitable organization that strives to assist those with hearing loss by providing options for funding resources for hearing services, and by assisting people with hearing loss in finding healthcare coverage.  Founded by world leader in ear surgery, Dr. Joseph Robertson, Let Them Hear Foundation’s main objectives are to make hearing aids and hearing services available to low-income individuals and families, to educate public schools and professors on hearing loss topics and concerns, to train surgeons in the field of cochlear implants, and to participate in research studies that will ultimately offer more solutions to people with hearing loss.

Let Them Hear Foundation’s involvement in over 20 current research studies shows their dedication to finding permanent answers to challenges that deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals face.

Services offered by the Let Them Hear Foundation include referral to local clinics that test and diagnose hearing impairments for a small fee, and help in obtaining healthcare coverage for physician visits, cochlear implants, hearing aids and other assistive devices.   This charity serves people with hearing loss who are without sufficient insurance coverage or financial resources to pay for the services and devices they need to improve their lives through better hearing.

The Foundation seeks to educate the public, as well as hearing-impaired individuals and their families, on hearing loss, hearing loss treatment, and options for finding financial assistance or healthcare coverage.  Let Them Hear Foundation is a source of information for those considering cochlear ear implant surgery, and connects deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to facilities that provide low-cost hearing assistance devices like hearing aids and amplified telephones.  Hearing-impaired persons can also learn about speech and language classes and services in their local area.  Through bi-annual missions trips, Let Them Hear Foundation serves thousands of people across the globe, regardless of age.

Let Them Hear Foundation is solely funded by donations and patient fees that are collected for services provided at sponsoring clinics.

To find out about services available in your area, contact the Let Them Hear Foundation’s Palo Alto corporate office by phone at 650-462-3174 or by email at  The Foundation’s website,, offers a variety of useful resources for those in need.  Let Them Hear Foundation is located at 1900 University Avenue, Suite 101, E. Palo Alto, Ca 94303.

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