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How To Select a Local Hearing Center

How To Select a Local Hearing Center Learn the right questions to ask when selecting a hearing center, ear doctor, or hearing aid store to maintain the best hearing health. 2011 410 How To Select a Local Hearing Center

Selecting a hearing center or ear doctor can be confusing, and there are many things to consider. Your hearing is very important and contributes greatly to a better quality of life, and you should do everything you can to make sure you find the right hearing center for your needs.

Finding the right ear doctor or hearing center can be as easy to answering a few simple questions. If your answer to all of the following questions is “Yes,” then you will be well on your way to finding the help you need for your hearing loss.

  1. hearing center audiologistIs there a licensed, certified and experienced audiologist or hearing aid specialist on staff?
  2. Is this professional willing to make a referral for a medical evaluation to rule out the need for medical or surgical treatment, if necessary?
  3. Will the audiologist or hearing aid specialist communicate effectively with you about hearing aid choices and fitting options, if hearing aids are appropriate for your hearing loss?
  4. In determining whether a hearing aid is appropriate, will the staff at the hearing center speak  to you clearly about your hearing loss, lifestyle, manual dexterity, and budget?
  5. Does the hearing center offer a wide range of hearing aid makes and models from various manufacturers?
  6. Will you receive assistance and training regarding how to wear and care for your hearing aids, as well as how to adjust to wearing them?
  7. Does the hearing center offer trial periods, warranties, and loss and damage protection?
  8. Will they provide follow-up care following your hearing aid fitting, at least every six months?
  9. Is the hearing center open at least five days a week, with an audiologist or hearing aid specialist on staff to provide emergency care, or loaner hearing aids if needed?
  10. Will you always see the same audiologist or hearing aid specialist when you visit?

hearing center ear doctorIf you have answered “Yes” to all of these questions, you can rest assured that you have taken the right steps in finding a reputable hearing center. Of course, answering some of these questions may require more research than just exploring online. Call the hearing centers in your area to see how they answer your questions.  Once you find one you are comfortable with, schedule an appointment for an initial consultation and hearing test. 

To find the best hearing center, ear doctor, or hearing aid store near you, search our directory of more than 4300 providers across the United States.

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