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Hearing Aids Reviews: Oticon Chili Hearing Aid

Hearing Aids Reviews: Oticon Chili Hearing Aid The new Oticon Chili hearing aid represents the next generation in high-performance hearing aid technology for individuals with moderately-severe to profound hearing loss. 2011 444 Hearing Aids Reviews: Oticon Chili Hearing Aid

The new Oticon Chili hearing aid represents the next generation in high-performance hearing aid technology for moderately-severe to profound hearing losses. It combines advanced speech recognition capability, wireless connectivity, and superior durability in a very compact, stylish design.

Oticon Hearing Aid Chili, Oticon Chili Hearing Aid, Chili Hearing AidThe Chili comes in three performance levels to meet every wearer's demands: SP5, SP7 and SP9. All units provide a wide range of wireless fitting options and compatibility.

All Chili hearing aids use a size 13 battery, unlike many high-power hearing aids that use the larger 675 battery size.  This gives the Chili a very low-profile appearance.

And, Chili is manufactured to be shock-absorbent as well as moisture- and dirt-resistant inside and out – a must for wearers who count on reliability and lead an active lifestyle.

Connectivity is delivered via Oticon’s ConnectLine and Streamer technology. ConnectLine offers the ability for you to connect with your TV, cell phone, and landline phone. Streamer delivers Bluetooth connectivity for up to eight devices, such as cell phones, computers, mp3 players and vehicle navigation systems.

Oticon Connectline and Speech GuardAll models are also equipped with external controls for quick muting, volume control, and program selection. The ConnectLine remote provides easy control of the input to your hearing aids. The SP9 even offers special control of music inputs with Power Bass and Music Widening remote control functions.

The SP7 and SP9 models utilize new Speech Guard technology, which Oticon developed in its world-renowned Eriksholm Research Centre. This technological advancement provides the ability to better hear and understand speech to those with moderately-severe to profound hearing loss.

“In developing Chili, we recognized early on that helping power users to hear speech better was not enough,” states Oticon President Peer Lauritsen. “Our goal for Chili was an ambitious one – to empower people with moderately-severe to profound hearing loss to live active, vital lives.”

These advanced hearing aids are designed for wireless binaural coordination, which allows connectivity between two hearing aids, greatly enhancing hearing if you have impairment in both ears. The SP9 takes this concept further with Binaural Synchronization and Noise Management, which uses directional microphone technology and noise reduction in both ears to optimize hearing in complex sound environments.

The SP9 also utilizes My Voice technology, which better enhances your ability to differentiate when you are speaking as well as listening. This can be very helpful at dinner parties and meetings where several people are talking at once and you’d like to participate in the conversation.

Selecting the right hearing aid depends on your personal needs, your hearing loss, and your lifestyle. For more advice, visit your local hearing center, ear doctor, or hearing aid store.

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