ReSound Hearing Aids: Technology Marches On

ReSound Hearing Aids: Technology Marches On ReSound recently released the dot2 - a new generation of open-fit hearing aids with surround sound hearing and many advanced digital features. the dot2 takes hearing aids to the next level for hearing aid users. 2010 1596 ReSound Hearing Aids: Technology Marches On

Nobody even thinks about hearing aids until they need a pair. This creates a highly-competitive consumer market with manufacturers of hearing aids all adding improvements, upgrades, updates and new tech to make your listening experience better than ever.

In fact, the manufacturers of premium-grade hearing aids are way ahead of the technology curve as a result of market competition. Today, you get more hearing aid for less as digital electronics continue to drive down prices while adding some real-world features that consumers are buying up as fast as they can be made.

The perfect example of this phenomenon is what’s happening over at ReSound, a leading manufacturer of top-shelf hearing aids. Recently, the company announced the release of dot2, the sequel to its popular dot hearing aid product released a few years back.

This tiny device comes packed with more features in a smaller package, and serves as a good example of how consumers benefit from the fierce competition within the hearing aid market. Today, you won’t believe what you get for your hearing aid dollars.

Let’s use dot2 as an example of just how far hearing aids have come in just a few short years.

Surround Sound? In a Hearing Aid?

ReSound Hearing Aids
The ReSound dot2 hearing aids


Maybe you have a surround sound system hooked up to that humongous, flat screen HD TV for the ultimate in movie watching. You certainly experience surround sound when you watch a flick at the local cineplex.

The surround sound system integrated into ReSound’s dot2 captures both treble (high-pitched tones) and bass (low-pitched tones) independently and mixes the two within the circuitry of the dot 2, turning this mighty mite into a complete automated, mixing board based on the latest in digital tech.

So what? Well, the surround sound technology used in the dot2 is a step up. Heck, natural sound is surround sound. It comes at us from all sides. Now, with this latest in hearing aid tech, you experience a more natural listening experience in a tiny package. The result?

Patients notice the “significant difference in the fidelity [quality] of the sound generated by hearing instruments featuring surround sound processing.”

In the past, hearing aids often delivered a compressed, tinny sound – not the bright sharp tones we used to hear when our hearing was perfect. Now, with this latest technology, ReSound wearers report a more vibrant, multi-dimensional listening experience. Indeed, technology marches on.

Sound comes from in front of you, off to one side or the other and from behind, aka, you’re surrounded by sounds all day. This state of the art surround sound technology delivers that experience once again. It’s cutting edge and it’s real sound in real time. Cool.

Speech Comprehension

The ability to recognize speech within the buzz of a noisy Starbucks or office setting has long been a challenge for hearing aid manufacturers. ReSound’s dot2 comes standard with something the company calls AutoScope™, which automatically focuses in on the conversation taking place in front of you while reducing extraneous background noise.

So, whether you’re meeting a new client in a noisy office or trying to hear directions from a stranger on a busy city street, with AutoScope directional microphone technology (it’s standard in dot2) you hear the important stuff while your hearing aids reduce distracting (and annoying) background noise.

ReSound raises the bar in directional microphone technology with the latest introduction of AutoScope. Hear what needs to be heard and stop saying “What?” so much. You get it the first time.

Want more? Okay, How About Automated Feedback Suppression?

With all of the digital gadgets and gizmos that keep us connected in these times, feedback has remained a problem – especially in lower-priced hearing aid models.

Feedback, which may sound like a high-pitched screech (some people describe it as a whistling sound) is caused by various reason among hearing aid users. The most common cause is a not-so-perfect fit or pushing the limits with too much volume. Feedback can also occur while using the telephone or when an object comes in close contact with a hearing aid’s microphones.

Hearing aid users would often have to remove their hearing aids before taking a phone call to avoid that ear-splitting feedback.They used to have to wear tight fitting hearing aids or earmolds to reduce sound leaking out. Not so with ReSound’s dot2, which just happens to be an open fit hearing aid. Digital technology, called Whistle Control™, solves the problem. This tech runs in the background so you won’t notice it. It’ll enable you to talk on the phone or PDA with hearing aids in place. And it also means more gain with an open fit, allowing a natural feel and sound to your hearing aids.

Now, most quality hearing aids provide automated feedback control, but Whistle Control, found in the dot2, adds a little muscle to feedback suppression given that most of us are wired into the electronics grid every day at work or play.

Technology marches on.

High Tech: Low Profile

ReSound dot2 hearing aids

Resound’s dot2 packs a lot of circuits and other electronics in a discrete, low-profile hearing aid. This open-fit behind-the-ear (BTE) device is tiny and weighs less than a paper clip – a featherweight ear computer that delivers wearing comfort for those long days when you want wearing (and hearing) comfort.

Check out the sleek lines, the high-tech design and the understated elegance found in dot2. It looks so cool, you want to drive it to work. It looks more like an Italian sports car than a hearing aid. And with its light weight and tiny form, you can wear it all day without drawing attention to yourself.

ReSound’s dot2 is just plain cool – especially for a hearing aid, which aren’t always synonymous with cool.

So What’s Your Life Like?

That’s what ReSound wants to know.

Most of us, regardless of age, are out and about living life to the fullest. We go to work, we enjoy the weekends, and we take walks in the park and play 18 holes on the links when the mood suits us. No problem.

Dot2 totally adapts to your lifestyle rather than you adapting to a new hearing aid. Go out. Work hard. Play hard. Get back into life. This machine has muscle. Its rugged construction and shock absorption technology takes the worry out of strenuous activities.

But wait, there’s more.

ReSound’s dot2 comes with various levels of technology and price points so you only pay for features you’ll actually use. That’ll save you some money. dot2 comes in a variety of colors from discrete to flashy. And, if you want, you can have your device custom fitted for even greater wearing comfort, though this thing is pretty comfortable right out of the box. It’s as light as a feather so, if you’re like most consumers, you won’t even notice you’re wearing a pair of hearing aids. They just work the way your ears work. Or used to.

Resound’s dot2 comes with even more features – the kind of features today’s hearing aid consumer looks for.

Warp™ extends bandwidth so you hear higher highs and lower lows. No more compressed, middle-of-the-road compromises. With Warp tech, you hear the full spectrum of sound – naturally and organically. Sound sounds like sound. You’ll like that. In fact, the adjustment period that many hearing aid wearers go through is virtually non-existent for dot2 wearers. The sound is all natural, like granola for the ears.

SoftSwitching™ automatically switches the dot2’s microphone from “adaptive directionality” to “omni-directional pickup” depending on both your preferences and your listening environment. You don’t have to stop what you’re doing to make manual adjustments to ambient conditions. The machine does it for you – automatically.

Environmental Optimizer™ configures the circuitry settings of the dot2 automatically depending on your preferences and listening conditions. dot2 can be programmed to suit your listening needs and lifestyle, switching modes automatically by “reading” sound conditions.

The result? Well, you can take a walk on a breezy day without feeling like you’re walking through a hurricane. dot2 recognizes that zephyr and blocks it out so you can enjoy a quiet, countryside walk and carry on a conversation with your walking companion instead of listening to wind gusts all around you.

And this is all handled for you so you don’t even have to think about it.

ReSound dot2: Are You Ready to Hear Again?

ReSound has been a leader in hearing tech for a number of years and the company continues to keep on top of consumer needs and preferences.

So, are you ready to hear like you did back in the day? Full-spectrum surround sound with totally automated convenience, regardless of your listening environment?

Sure you are. And how about wearing comfort thrown in? A discrete or high-tech profile? It’s your choice.

Technology marches on in the hearing aid realm. Maybe it’s time you made an appointment with a hearing professional to have your hearing evaluated, measured and solutions provided.

One of those solutions is sure to be ReSound's dot 2. Hi-tech. Hi-cool.

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