ReSound Essence Hearing Aids - Cutting Cost without Cutting Corners

ReSound Essence Hearing Aids - Cutting Cost without Cutting Corners ReSounds latest cost saving innovation, ReSound Essence? hearing aids, is a quality line of hearing aids that embody perfect form, customizable features and sophisticated technology to face a busy life. 2009 1188 ReSound Essence Hearing Aids - Cutting Cost without Cutting Corners

Essence – the quality or nature of something that identifies it or makes it what it is. Essence – the most important element or feature of something. Essence – the perfect or idealized form of something, especially when embodied in a person (Encarta World English Dictionary).

What’s in a name? Well when it comes to ReSound’s latest cost saving innovation, ReSound Essence™ hearing aids, I’d say a lot. Essence™ is a quality line of hearing aids that embody perfect form, customizable features and sophisticated technology to face a busy life.

ReSound has a reputation in the hearing health industry as an innovative leader in design and quality. Now, you can add price to that list with the introduction of ReSound’s Essence™ line of hearing aids. These hearing tools give you all the key features without paying through the nose (or ears).

ReSound Essence hearing aids


An easy place to cut corners. Use cheaper circuits, a casing built with less precision, a microphone that compresses sound into a narrower frequency range. Who’d know? Until they wore the hearing aids for a few weeks and realized that things just aren’t “sounding right.”

So ReSound built the entire Essence™ line of hearing aids to stand up to whatever you dish out 16 hours a day. That’s right; you’ll be wearing your hearing aids day and night so you want something that can survive an active, busy, intense lifestyle, whether you’re retired and jogging 1,200 miles a year, or working the nine-to-five in the hot, broiling sun.

Essence™ has you covered with quality construction throughout; no matter how hard you go at life. Charge ahead. No worries.

The Green Machine

One of the negatives of battery-powered hearing aids is, well, the batteries. They always seem to run out of power at the precise moment you need to hear clearly. And swapping out an old battery for a new one in the middle of a big business fest is as subtle as brain surgery over your Cobb salad. All eyes are now on you and business isn’t being conducted until you replace your hearing aid battery and “we can all get back to work.” Don’t think that’ll go unnoticed.

Essence™ employs a power saving computer chip that gives you power longer. A benefit for a couple of reasons. First, there’s that battery swapping thing. And second, batteries cost money. Swap less and save more with ReSound’s Essence™.

6-Band Warp™

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ReSound Essence™ For Every Budget

Sounds like the latest rock band phenomenon but, in fact, 6-Band Warp™ is ReSound’s proprietary sound processing system that delivers a more natural sound – spacious, airy and organic.

This feature mimics the cochlea, the snail-shaped organ deep within the ear – the organ that converts sound waves to electrical impulses for processing by the brain. It provides more natural hearing from Day Uno, meaning a shorter transition period and fewer returns to the hearing aid professional’s office for minor tweaking.

You’re going to love the way you hear.

Directional Microphone Technology

Another goodie designed (and proven) to improve what you hear – clearer, more precise and less processed. Directional microphone technology allows hearing aid wearers to improve their ability to hear in background noise, so you can focus on what you want to hear and less on what you don’t.

Loud or soft, ReSound’s Essence™ microphones deliver sound that feels right from the very first time you put them in. It’s still an amazing world of sounds. You’ve just been missing the good stuff. But not any more.

Automation At Work

One potential problem with even top of the line hearing aids is feedback, which is the whistling you hear from hearing aids time and time. Feedback is both embarrassing and uncomfortable and can occur when hearing aids come into contact with things like cell phones, hats or if the hearing aid fits loosely or consists of an “open-fit”.

Essence™ comes standard with automated feedback suppression. You won’t even know it’s working as it reacts so quickly you more than likely won’t he even hear the feedback. Now that’s built in convenience.

Another convenience? Three distinct memory settings. Your Essence™ can be programmed by your hearing health professional to your preferences in three very different listening environments. So, big open space, tiny noisy office or watching the tube at night, you flip a switch to a different memory chip and your Essence ™ does the rest. Automation makes life simpler.

Instant, Manual Controls

Say you don’t want to fly on auto-pilot. Switch to easily-accessible, fuss-proof manual controls to adjust everything from volume to tone without drawing a bunch of attention to yourself or your hearing aids.

Couple this manual control function with three memory options and you have a lot of control over what goes in your ears and just how it sounds.

Direct Audio Input

In this day and age, we’re all plugged in to digital technology one way or another – cell phone, Blackberry or other PDA, digital music players (MP3, iPod) and, of course, digital TV with a brighter, crisper, hi-def picture and clearer, digital sound – clean. That is if you can hear it. Otherwise, it may still be all mumble and jumble!

All of ReSound’s products now employ Direct Audio Input, or DAI, a digital system that synchs up with all of the digital signals in your life. No more feedback. No more over-amped TV or music player. Essence™ and every other ReSound product come digital- ready to communicate directly with the source of the digital signal. So, when the cell rings, no need to fumble with your ReSound hearing aids. You’re already plugged in seamlessly with ReSound’s DAI, based on the industry standard Bluetooth wireless technology.

This one feature alone will simplify your life, especially if you’re on the go all day. You can stay connected with ReSound’s Essence™ and all of the other ReSound product lines. Hey, does that make you more useful out in the world? It does. You’re still connected.


Last but definitely not least on the list of importance when researching hearing aids. In fact price is often cited as one of the top reasons persons with hearing loss do not purchase hearing aids.

With that in mind, Essence™ was created for the cost-conscious hearing aid buyer (that’s all of us) looking for the most for the least.

And ReSound delivers with Essence™. It may have an economy price, but this is one pair of hearing aids that’s crammed with the latest features. Low price. Lots of features.

That sounds like the perfect hearing aid for these difficult times.

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