Time to Get Back In the Game and Hit a Home Run

Time to Get Back In the Game and Hit a Home Run Oticons Hit? hearing aids are the ideal choice for the first-time hearing aid buyer, delivering essential features for wearing hearing and wearing comfort, all at the right price. 2009 1040 Time to Get Back In the Game and Hit a Home Run

Baseball is on the minds and in the hearts of many these summer months. Hot dogs, peanuts and cracker jacks are a staple for dinner when summer nights are spent at your favorite ball park cheering on your team.

The sights, the crack of the bat, the crowd cheering – you just can’t get enough. Good ‘ol fashion American entertainment.

And just in time for baseball season there is a new hearing aid in the playing field, which is sure to win the hearts of baseball fans and not to mention price sensitive customers.

When Price Matters

Considering the economy, price matters with nearly every consumer purchase these days. Whether buying a car, a HDTV or hearing aids, in every case, cost is high on the priority list and for good reason. We all want the most for least – value.

Unfortunately quality hearing has become a discretionary purchase in these difficult times and for many with hearing loss they believe they can live without a hearing aid (if you call that living).

Studies have shown untreated hearing loss has a direct negative impact on the quality of life for the person with hearing loss and their loved ones. And when the negative impacts are considered such as isolation, depression, reduced earning power - it is disturbing that quality hearing, connecting to those around you, is viewed as discretionary.

Time to Get Back In the Game

oticon hit hearing aids
Take a hit for better hearing

So in response to cost concerns hearing aid manufacturers are introducing hearing aid product lines for price sensitive consumers. Hearing aid manufacturer Oticon recently launched HIT™, a series of hearing aids in a wide variety of wearing styles, with plenty of juice and delivered at a price that won’t give you apoplexy (or at least sticker shock).

Oticon’s “Time to Get Back in the Game” is targeted right at that market segment – the folks who know they SHOULD wear a pair of hearing aids but the cost is just too high.

Oticon’s Hit™ hearing aids are the ideal choice for the first-time hearing aid buyer, delivering essential features for wearing hearing and wearing comfort.

What Makes Hit™ Such A Hit With Consumers?

Let’s start with options. Oticon’s Hit™ product line comes in a variety of types to suit your specific hearing needs and preferences. For example, some consumers want a low-profile – a hearing aid that’s all but invisible to the rest of the world. Other consumers want or need more power and wearing comfort.

From Completely-in-the-canal (CIC) to the latest in open-fit technology – Hit has all the bases covered.

The Oticon Hit™: Long on benefits, short on cost.

You’d probably expect entry-level hearing aids to cut corners wherever possible. Not so with the hearing aids in the Oticon Hit™ line – the Hit, the Hit PRO and the Mini Power plant behind the ear (BTE) units.

These entry-level hearing aids come standard with some pretty high-tech benefits. For example:

  • Extended bandwidth so you hear the highs and lows clearly and organically
  • Automated convenience – the hearing aid makes the decisions based on your previous settings in certain listening situations. In other words, the longer you wear a pair of Oticon Hit hearing aids, the better the hearing aids recognize your listening preferences. Nice to have a machine that adapts to your preferences rather than the other way around, don’t you think?
  • The microphone in the Hit series his increased directionality, reducing background noise and enabling you to focus on the person talking to you face to face. That’s always nice, especially when you’re out for a quiet little supper at the corner bistro. You can focus on your companion and not a conversation three tables over. That’s microphone directionality, standard in most all the HIT models.

You want more for such a low price? You drive a hard bargain, but Oticon is ready to exceed your expectations – especially for such a reasonably-priced hearing aid. The HIT™ Series comes standard with automatic noise management. Cool, huh?

Here’s how it works. Let’s say your spanking some Spaldings around the back nine and the wind picks ups. Low-cost hearing amps boost that wind to sound like a hurricane, taking a lot of fun out of those last nine holes. Hit™ recognizes constant noise – like wind – and reduced it. So instead of hearing Hurricane Flora during a round with your favorite foursome, you hear your friendly duffers’ chit chat.

Finally. Let’s talk about feedback and not the kind that Jimi made famous. This is the feedback you get that sounds like a referee blowing a whistle in your ear and is often caused by telephone use, open-fit devices and high volume settings. No sweat with Oticon’s Hit™ series.

Using the company’s Dynamic Feedback Cancellation 2 technology, the screech is squelched before it ever gets to your ear. No embarrassing whistle episodes and you can listen with comfort.

Oticon Hit Product Line
Oticon's Hit Product Line

Rugged Reliability

Whether sliding into home base or taking in a couple of sets on the tennis court, today’s hearing aid manufacturers know that the “ol’ rockin chair ain’t got ya yet.” The Baby Boomers are here and they’re an active bunch.

So the Oticon Hit™ Series employs a “high-reliability…proven robust shell set” to keep all that digital circuitry secure, even under vigorous conditions.

If sky-high prices have been causing you to put off the purchase of hearing aids, it is time to get back in the game with a call to your hearing care professional to determine which Hit™ is right for you.

Sure price matters. But you can’t put a price on quality of life, can you? Oticon’s HIT™ delivers a better quality of life at a reasonable price.

So step up to the plate, swing hard and hit a homerun for your life, with Hit™.

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