Starkey S Series Hearing Aids: Performance, Comfort and Personalization

Starkey S Series Hearing Aids: Performance, Comfort and Personalization Todays hearing aid wearers are often surprised when they learn the price of high-end quality hearing aids but once these prospects discover the importance of quality, reliable performance, natural... 2009 1361 Starkey S Series Hearing Aids: Performance, Comfort and Personalization

Today’s hearing aid wearers are often surprised when they learn the price of high-end quality hearing aids but once these prospects discover the importance of quality, reliable performance, natural sound, all-day wearing comfort and the ability to personalize the hearing aids to the hearing needs and preferences of the wearer, the quality quickly takes precedence over price.

In fact, first-time hearing aid buyers usually place price at the top of the priority list until a hearing care professional explains how price does affect quality and satisfaction.

Today’s hearing aid shoppers want performance, natural hearing, wearing comfort and automated convenience in an affordable package.

Oh, and it would also be nice if the hearing aid was smaller than a Buick hub cap for those who want a low-profile (invisible) look. Not everybody wants the world to know they wear hearing aids, so for these consumers, discretion is a top priority.

Starkey S Series™ Hearing Aids

Introducing S Series™ with Drive Architecture™ by Starkey, a well known designer and manufacturer of quality hearing aids. With all Starkey hearing aids, quality and reliability come standard. No worries there.

However, Starkey is also known for innovative hearing solutions, not just quality hearing aids. So it is no surprise this premier company launched the S Series – the latest in real world technology that provides real world performance no matter what your listening environment may be.

Drive Architecture™

S Series RIC hearing aids
Starkey S Series RIC

If you know anything about computer technology, you’re familiar with dual core and quad-core technology. This technology is faster and enables computers to multi-task, performing two or more tasks with equal efficiency. And, in the business realm, dual core computer processors are the standard.

Starkey has taken dual core technology and created Drive Architecture. Drive Architecture delivers three times the processing power of previous Starkey hearing aids. Its multi-tasking capability improves hearing in virtually all listening environments.

In an interview with AudiologyOnline, Starkey’s President Jerry Ruzicka had this to say about the S Series™ processing capabilities:

“With Drive Architecture, we’ve enhanced the overall platform, so we have more than three times the processing power than we had before to enable high-speed multitasking of signal processing algorithms for better performance. We also have a very powerful integrated circuit, or you could think of it as a very powerful engine. Within the engine, we use a couple of techniques that are rather unique: we have multi-core digital signal processing (DSP) and we have BluWave 2.0. Multi-core DSP means we’ve got multiple DSP engines working in the background. In order to make everything work in concert, we’ve enhanced our BluWave operating system. BluWave 2.0 uses a technique called SMT, simultaneous multi-threading, which allows us to access the multi-core processors to process signals and routines in parallel with one another.”

This level of performance taking hearing aids to the next level in regards to satisfaction and sophistication – they truly are minicomputers working to improve and enhance hearing capabilities of those with hearing loss.

Choose Your Style

Starkey’s S Series also delivers options in the style that best suits your hearing needs and personal preferences.

S Series CIC hearing aids
Starkey S Series CIC

The Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) unit provides discreet power and a long menu of features to improve your listening experience. By utilizing Starkey’s proven feedback technology, Pure Wave Feedback Eliminator, the S Series RIC device is able to achieve levels of gain other RIC devices have not been able to in the past.

The S Series Completely in the Canal (CIC) delivers complete invisibility AND the power to address even moderate hearing loss.

As well as the choice of physical style, you also have a choice of model based on your hearing needs, personal preference and budget.The S Series is available in four models to choose from based on your lifestyle and listening demands: Series 11 – Vibrant, Series 9 – Active, Series 7 – Social and Series 5 – Calm.

Each S Series model offers a list of advanced features, with the S Series 11 packing the most advanced features to improve listening for the most “vibrant” lifestyles.

So depending upon your cosmetic preferences, hearing loss, lifestyle and listening demands, there is an S Series for you.

Hearing Comfort

Although hearing aids have come along way in providing quality amplification, they do not replace our natural hearing. But hearing comfort – organic sound quality – is a reality with in the Starkey S Series.

By using advanced technologies such as Comfort Control and AudioScape Environments, the S Series hearing aids adapt to the listener’s environment engaging technologies that work to reduce noise and improve listening comfort.

Hearing comfort that doesn’t distract from whatever your activity may be is essential in today’s hearing aids. You’re not “hearing” the device deliver a highly processed sound signal to your ear. You’re just hearing the world around you, whether you’re at a loud roundtable at work or taking a quiet walk through the woods. The S Series delivers listening comfort in each of the models in the series.

Complete Customization

Finally, the S Series provides for complete customization to address your specific hearing needs. Example? Well, no two people experience hearing loss in precisely the same manner. Some lose the ability to hear the high notes. Others lose the ability to hear frequencies needed to understand speech.

Working with a hearing professional, your Starkey S Series hearing aids will be tuned to your needs based on testing and real life. After a hearing evaluation is conducted (don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt), the hearing aid practitioner will program the hearing aids using Starkey’s computer-based programming software so your units are tuned to your precise needs.

To ensure an accurate fit, Starkey has developed what is called “Integrated Real-Ear Measurement” which allows the clinician to assess the sound that is being amplified into the ear once the hearing aids have been fit based on the wearer’s hearing loss. Although the hearing aids may appear to be programmed correctly, once fit on the hearing aid wearer’s ear, physical difference such as ear canal length or shape can affect the acoustics of the sound being delivered. The Integrated Real-Ear measurement tool in the S Series allows the clinical to make any further adjustments to ensure the most optimal sound quality for each individual wearer.

Phone Use Made Easy

The S Series makes it easy to simply pick up the phone and begin talking without making manual adjustments due to Automatic Telephone Solution (ATS) technology. With ATS, as soon as the phone is held up to the S Series product the hearing aid automatically detects the telephone and adjusts to the optimal response for telephone use.

Remote Control

Many hearing aid wearers desire the ability to adjust their hearing aids by using a remote control or other accessory; however, utilizing a remote control means one more piece of equipment for the hearing aid wearer to carry around.

The S Series is changing that. Introduced with the S Series, hearing aid wearers can now control the settings of their hearing aids with their touch-tone phone. The T2 remote allows a wearer’s touch-tone phone to become a remote for their hearing aids.

According to Ruzicka, “There are millions of people out there who walk around with cell phones every day, including most if not all people who wear hearing aids. Their cell phones can now be used as a remote control to adjust volume, adjust memory, or power their hearing aids on or off.” This feature does require the hearing professional to program both the hearing aid and phone by using the Starkey programming software.

Experience S Series

Starkey has built its reputation on innovation and client care. The newly-launched S Series will only enhance that well-earned reputation.

Talk to your hearing professional about the Starkey S Series. For many, it’s just what you’re looking for.

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