Phonak Hearing Aids: Delivering Sound Solutions

Phonak Hearing Aids: Delivering Sound Solutions With the recent introduction of ? Certena and Versata ? Phonak completes its popular line of CORE hearing aids. The CORE product line delivers hearing solutions to suit the budgets and hearing loss of any consumer. 2009 1284 Phonak Hearing Aids: Delivering Sound Solutions
Phonak CORE Collection
Phonak's CORE Collection Delivers

If you know hearing aids, you know Phonak. It’s a name synonymous with quality, innovation and versatility in the design

and crafting of hearing aids – a reputation among hearing professionals that’s been well earned over the years.

With its company HQ just outside of Zurich, Switzerland, Phonak has been making leading edge hearing aids for more than 50 years, and with the introduction of the company’s latest offerings – Certéna and Versáta – this developer of premium quality hearing aids completes its popular CORE collection. The CORE product line delivers hearing solutions to suit the budgets and hearing challenges of any consumer seeking the best and the most for the least.

Let’s take a closer look at the final two components of the CORE product series.

The Phonak Versáta: For Active Lifestyles

Today’s hearing aid wearers haven’t taken to the ol’ rockin’ chair just yet. The over-50 crowd leads an active, engaged life. People are living longer, working longer (because they want to) and remaining active. They’re white-water rafting, running marathons and hitting the course and the court with robust enthusiasm.

Remember, these are the Baby Boomers who grew up believing in possibilities. Phonak makes possibilities a reality with its introduction of the mid-priced Versáta. Versáta employs Phonak’s SoundFlow Advanced Automatic System. This brings complete ease in adapting to different listening environments. The wearer moves seamlessly, effortlessly, from large concert hall to intimate bistro without fumbling with “the controls.”

Versáta handles the adjustments for you. No bother, providing a more natural hearing experience. In fact, wearers sometimes forget they’re wearing hearing aids. It’s that convenient.

What makes Versáta stand apart from the rest? Its real-time settings re-configure to improve hearing comfort. No sound delays, no echoes. Just clean sound and unparalleled simplicity. It’s the perfect option for on-the-go businesspeople or retirees who still want to play a round of 18 every morning.

Certéna: When Cost Counts

Certéna is the entry point of the CORE line from Phonak. It’s feature-rich at a price that will appeal to cost-conscious consumers.

Hey, that’s all of us! Certéna may be Phonak’s entry-level CORE hearing aid but it’s packed with digital features that come standard on higher priced models.Certéna’s WhistleBlock technology eliminates feedback whether you’re talking on the phone or listening to the symphony. And in this case, it’s what you don’t hear that counts.

Certéna can be fitted with complete wireless connectivity if you use digital cell phones, MP3s, laptops and other devices that come standard in the age of the Diginet. Certéna keeps you plugged in without shelling out a bucket of cash. And because Certéna is developed and manufactured by Phonak, you know the standards of quality are high even though the cost of the Certéna is low for any device with this many features.

The fact is, Phonak engineers have employed the latest in hearing aid technology on every product in the CORE line. The CORE line of hearing aids was created to suit virtually any hearing need. Whether you are working with a budget or looking to spend what you need to, the CORE delivers something for you.

In addition to Versáta and Certéna, the CORE product line also consists of the proven powerful Naída and the first-class Exélia.

Naída: Muscle in a Small Package

Phonak Naida Hearing Aids
The Phonak Naída

Naída is a centerpiece of the CORE product line, developed to deliver oomph for those who experience more extensive hearing loss.

But it’s not enough to create a hearing device that can amp up sound. The sound has to be natural, even if the wearer’s hearing isn’t. Simply blasting boosted sound down the ear canal can actually make a bad problem worse.   

But not with Phonak’s Naída. This device utilizes SoundRecover™ technology, which actually compresses and shifts inaudible high frequency sounds into an adjacent region with better hearing. This is no magic trick folks, it is sophisticated technology that enables listeners to focus on speech and voice perception, as well as hear high frequency sounds that have not been heard due to their hearing loss (such as birds singing).

This powerful device enhances speech recognition for consumers experiencing profound hearing loss, thus improving speech function as well as hearing function. You’d expect a high-powered hearing aid like Naída to also deliver features that actually encourage vitality and engagement.

Naída is water and dirt resistant so you can still hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine and enjoy the sights and sounds along the way. It’s the muscle in the CORE line of hearing aids.

Exélia – Improving Life’s Quality to The Max

If you want the best there is – the hearing aid system deepest in features – you have one choice. Exélia from Phonak. This top-of-the-line hearing aid delivers top-end hearing performance – organic sound. The sound you grew up with. This device also comes packed with convenience features that deliver the ability to plug in each morning, put in a 14-hour day and unplug before you hit the sheets that night.

Exélia’s automated convenience improves the wearers ability to localize sound – identify sounds in a crowded, noisy room and, employing Phonak’s exclusive ZoomControl circuitry, wearers can adjust individual hearing focus for the first time. Every time.

Exélia is also fully interactive, enabling wearers to make adjustments on the fly and to plug into virtually any listening environment with discretion and complete effectiveness. Yes, it works, making listening a natural activity again.

The models that make up Phonak’s CORE product series deliver something for everyone. More importantly, every one of the hearing aids comes with standard CORE features to enhance hearing and the quality of life.

Phonak’s CORE™ Product Line

From entry-level to all the bells and whistles, from increased gain to all around versatility, the CORE (Communication Optimized Real Audio Engine) line of products from Phonak sets the bar for hearing loss solutions.

All CORE hearing aids deliver Hearing instrument Body Area Network (HiBAN) that enables CORE consumers to enjoy wireless connectivity wherever they are, wherever they go. This means that wearers can access the latest in wireless technology and stay plugged in. No more fumbling to remove a hearing aid before answering a client call on the cell. How sweet is that?

Finally, all members of Phonak’s CORE family are fully customizable. You decide. Add control options for convenience or eliminate the convenience factor. You choose. You also choose the type of CORE device you want, from the invisible completely-in the-canal (CIC) model to the amped up, yet discreet, behind the ear (BTE) devices that provide the gain you need, even if you experience profound hearing loss.

Whatever your needs and preferences, whatever your budget and listening requirements, whatever your lifestyle, the Phonak CORE collection has the right product for you.

Life’s too short to miss out on the sounds that surround you. Go with Phonak CORE and enjoy all you’ve been missing.

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