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The Siemens Vibe Experience: You Can Never Be Too Cool

The Siemens Vibe Experience: You Can Never Be Too Cool You can never be too cool. Even if youre 80, who cares? You can still show off, stand out and throw a little attitude around with the introduction of the Siemens Vibe experience. Siemens is known... 2008 766 The Siemens Vibe Experience: You Can Never Be Too Cool

You can never be too cool. Even if youre 80, who cares? You can still show off, stand out and throw a little attitude around with the introduction of the Siemens Vibe experience.

Siemens is known in the industry for its innovative, automated hearing aid technology cutting edge stuff. But now, its not just about microchips and microphones. Its about style, making a statement and hearing the worlds response loud and clear.

This is the hearing aid for people who were never afraid to stand out from the crowd. Want to make a statement? How about a hearing aid that is comfortable to wear, produces clear, sweet sound and comes in a black and white chessboard pattern, or maybe faux leopard is more your style.

Whether youre looking for mature grace or radical chic, youll be pickin up good vibrations. And still looking cool doing it. Check out whats new in hearing aid technology. Things sure have changed. Probably one of those baby boomer things, but the free-love-bra-burning-voting-in-the-streets crowd is moving into hearing aid range. Can you believe it? Anybody know where the last 30 years went?

The Vibe Difference

The recent trend in hearing aid design has been to allow an open fit, which prevents the plugged sensation persons often have while wearing hearing aids. An open-fit hearing aid allows the ear canal to remain open maintaining an organic sense of hearing while still providing the needed amplification down into the ear. Most open fit hearing aids are small, discreet units that sit behind-the-ear. However this behind-the-ear approach may still cause problems for persons that wear eyeglasses, helmets, sunglasses, etc.

Siemens now offers a first to the hearing aid industry by introducing a hearing aid that actually sits in the crest of the outer ear, leaving the ear canal comfortably open and the back of the ear free of any interference with objects placed on the head or over the ear.

Tech Specs

Siemens has stuffed a lot of high-tech in a low-profile hearing device. Theres Sound Smoothing' technology that lowers the volume on annoying sound bursts and background sounds everything from the clash of breaking dishes in the middle of a night out, to the rustling of paper shuffling in the office. Sound Smoothing' takes the pain out of gain.

Now all of you sound engineers out there are probably thinking, how do you listen to amplified sound with an open fit without it whistling? Vibes unique FeedbackBlocker' eliminates the potential of annoying whistling, also known as feedback, which is common in an open fit. The FeedbackBlocker' automatically detects and reduces the feedback without affecting the quality of sound.

Quality of sound? Included with the Vibe is 8-channel digital signal processing and a unique microphone to produce clear, natural high-quality sound. Vibes unique, in-the-crest design enhances your natural ability to hear. Its open mic technology places the mic at the outer edge of the ear canal, allowing sound to enter the ear canal organically. You get a volume boost when the Vibes algorithms and your preferences converge. Otherwise, your ears are on their own. Thats wearing and hearing comfort, difficult to find in larger and less comfortable devices. Thats all part of the Vibe experience, organic, natural and radical. Sound familiar?

Change Your Aid. Change Your Attitude.

Your mood changes. The event changes. Its always changing and so can you. Pick your mood, your ensemble, your occasion and change the look of the Vibe with some new skin whatever mood your in. Vibe offers a wide variety of interchangeable snap-on covers, with colors like Cheeky, and Fearless, and patterns like the feminine Flirt, and leopard Wild. When purchasing a Vibe, you can choose up to five colors and, just as fashion evolves, Siemens will introduce new covers to keep the looks fresh.

People are bold and courageous in all sorts of ways, and Vibe is a reflection of those spirits, said Dr. Thomas Powers, Vice President of Audiology and Professional Relations at Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc. While grappling with hearing loss is never easy, the look and feel of Vibe allows wearers to improve the quality of their life, without sacrificing their lifestyle.

Time to Face the Music

Actually, its time to hear the music again.

You dont know what youve been missing. Visit a hearing health care specialist for a hearing screening to see how much damage you did listening to cranked up music back in the day (or yesterday).

Then, get yourself fitted with a Siemens Vibe with a couple of extra skins so you can show the world how you feel that day.

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