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Photo of Nancy Hanson-Humphries, AuD, CCC-A from Columbia Hearing Centers - Cataldo

Nancy Hanson-Humphries,


Dr. Nancy Hanson-Humphries is the Director of Hearing Instrument Services at Columbia Hearing Centers and heads a team of highly qualified clinical professionals that provide excellence in patient care. 

Photo of Mitch Yarbrough, AAS, BC-HIS from Columbia Hearing Centers - Cataldo

Mitch Yarbrough,

Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences

Mitch Yarbrough, A.A.S., BC-HIS, is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist at Columbia Hearing Centers.  He is certified through the Nation Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Services.

Paula Webster,

Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences

Paula Webster, A.A.S., BC-HIS, is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist at Columbia Hearing Centers.  She is certified through the Nation Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Services.


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“I have worked with Dr. Giddings as well as Paula in the hearing aid office. All of them have been more than patient ant truthful with me. I've had my phonak hearing aides and I really miss the time I can't wear them. I'm encouraged to call with questions, stop by for help any time, and Paula is reasonable with all my other needs. Will need to come in soon as I now must work with my hearing aides. I trust Paula will have valuable input as to what will work best for me. Individualized care, it's the best.”

Debbie M. of Spokane, WA   
06/12/2016    Review submitted online

“Although I specifically asked before making my appt, and received an answer in the affirmative, Paula and the Columbia Hearing Center (in my opinion) appears NOT to be actually trained in providing Tinnitus Retraining Therapy, the modern effective tinnitus protocol I chose to follow when I began suffering from chronic tinnitus. I felt as if I knew more than she did and that I was wasting my time & money. At no time was I referred to a more qualified office elsewhere. Soon after my appointment I suffered severe acute bilateral ear pressure (when I only had unilateral tinnitus) from the stress of the waste of time and money, the focus placed upon my tinnitus with the unnecessary device offered to me, and frustration at finding answers from a qualified professional. There was no counseling support. I was rushed out of the office and told I was running over time with my questions. Also that she would be unavailable and on vacation for a lengthy time afterwards. (This after it had already taken me over 6 weeks to get an appt with the ENT downstairs, allowing my anxiety to build and negative tinnitus reactions to increase, which is why by the time I came I had started my own education and research towards a successful therapy approach.) Glad I never spent the several thou$and for the device offered to me. I later found relief immediately at an actual TRT site (found on my own) and have greatly improved habituation ever since. Glad I ignored Paula and this office's outdated under-educated methods entirely. They need to actually know and understand the clinical application of TRT as well as the model and should stop pretending they know what they evidently do not thoroughly comprehend. Having a 'category' test paper is not all there is to TRT. A little TRT knowledge can be a dangerous thing, approaching the ear-only and ignoring the limbic and autonomic systems. For instance, I was told that night time sound enrichment was unnecessary. I was given only non-specific advice and no answers to specific questions about environmental sound enrichment, no questions were even asked of my environment and experiences.”

Dina K. of Evans, WA   
01/02/2016    Review submitted online

Official Response from Columbia Hearing Centers - Cataldo:
“My name is Nancy Hanson, Au.D. and I am the Director of Columbia Hearing Centers. In response to the recent post I would like to acknowledge that comments received have caused us to look at our clinical protocols and also try to understand where such protocols at times can break down. We are constantly evaluating what we do and how we can do it better. It is our goal to provide the best patient care possible. Do understand I will never respond to any specific patient concerns on a public forum due to HIPPA regulations that keep a patient’s medical information private. I always welcome the opportunity to speak to a patient who is not happy with services they received and greatly appreciate the opportunity to do so. I will try to explain our approach to persons presenting to Columbia Hearing Centers that have as their primary concern the symptom of tinnitus. Tinnitus complaints are handled by three departments within our clinic; ENT physicians, audiologists and hearing instrument specialists. Here is our protocol as we would want it to occur for every patient: · All patients that present to Columbia Hearing Centers with the primary complaint of tinnitus will be referred to an Ear, Nose & Throat physician for medical evaluation. · All patients will receive a diagnostic workup by audiology staff. · When a patient has been seen and completed all physician prescribed treatments, if still pursuing tinnitus management, they will be required to attend our regularly scheduled tinnitus classes which are free to our patients. This 1-2 hour class is for educational purposes and is aimed at giving an overview of our current knowledge regarding tinnitus and management options that exist. · If following the Tinnitus Management class it is determined that a trial period with a hearing aid is a reasonable option, the patient will be scheduled with Columbia Hearing Centers. Our staff is trained in dispensing hearing instruments. Many of today’s instruments have a tinnitus feature that can be activated if directed by audiology to do so. Patients are allowed in office demonstrations of hearing aids from several manufacturers. If they so desire patients then will be allowed to take the hearing aids out into their daily environments to evaluate their effectiveness for at minimum a 30 day trial. Tinnitus is a condition that absolutely requires individualized management, and may include a combination of many different interventions and therapies. What works for each individual can vary dramatically. Columbia Hearing Centers’ role is to facilitate one component (hearing aids) of a management plan. If through our words or actions we have presented ourselves otherwise, I sincerely apologize. We will strive to make communication with the public, from our scheduling staff to our providers, very clear so as to avoid patient experiences that are less than satisfactory. ”
Received 03/19/2018

“She was friendly & knowledgeable.”

Renee R. of Colbert, WA   
12/29/2015    Review verified by phone

“I like everything about her. She was really positive, helpful, knowledgeable, and she was just a lovely person. It was a really good experience. While I was having my ears cleaned out at the walk-in clinic, she cleaned my hearing aids, and walked them over to me when she was done. That's the level of service she provides. She is just terrific.”

Mary G. of Everett, WA   
08/26/2015    Review verified by phone

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Improving your life through better hearing

At Columbia Hearing Centers, We want to help you hear better. Improving your life through better hearing is our mission and our personal commitment to you. By combining outstanding patient services with today’s latest digital hearing aid technology, you will receive the very best hearing services and care.

We have four offices as well as a mobile service to serve you better:

Main Office
217 W. Cataldo
Spokane, WA 99201

Northside Office
9922 N. Nevada
Spokane, WA 99218

South Hill Office
3022 E 57th, Suite 21
Spokane, WA 99223

Spokane Valley Office
13414 E. Mission
Spokane Valley, WA 99216

Rural Services
Throughout the month, our Rural Services Unit serves the communities of Davenport, Odessa, Colfax and Grand Coulee. Please call for the days we will be in your area.


Hearing care services

At Columbia Hearing Centers, we offer a wide array of hearing aid styles and technologies from the top-performing hearing aid manufacturers (Oticon, Phonak, and Starkey) to meet diverse hearing needs.

  • receiver in the ear (RITE)
  • completely in the canal  (CIC)
  • in the canal (ITC)
  • behind the ear (BTE)

Call us today so we can test your hearing and find out which hearing aids would best meet your individual needs.

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Monday8 am - 5 pm
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Friday8 am - 5 pm

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