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Photo of Victoria Moore, AuD, CCC-A, FAAA, BC-HIS from The Hearing Spa

Victoria Moore,


Dr. Victoria (Vicky) Moore, is the president of the company. She moved to the USA in 1991 from England with her family. She is a Florida Licensed Audiologist, Board Certified in Audiology, and she is also Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences.

She completed her post baccalaureate work in communication sciences and disorders at the University of South Florida and earned her Doctorate of Audiology from Missouri State University.  Dr. Moore has extensive clinical experience in comprehensive audiological evaluations and programming today's most advanced hearing aids and assistive listening devices from a variety of manufacturers.  She regularly attends professional and continuing education seminars.  

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Teresa Parsons ,


Dr. Teresa Parsons graduated from the University of South Florida where she received both her Doctorate of Clinical Audiology (Au.D.) and Bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders.  She is well-versed in all major brands of hearing aids, enjoys counseling about the use of new hearing devices, and is passionate about tinnitus management. Dr. Parsons also works with all three of the leading Cochlear Implant Manufacturers. Dr. Parsons worked in an auditory research lab for over four years, where she investigated effects of aging and noise on the hearing system.  She is proud to have presented her research findings at conferences nationwide.  Originally from the Florida panhandle, Dr. Parsons is excited to help find the best solution for your communication needs.


Photo of Noel Moore, MAPM, ACA, BC-HIS from The Hearing Spa

Noel Moore,

Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences

Noel Moore is the Vice President of the company and is a Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist and Certified Audioprosthologist. He completed his studies through the International Institute for Hearing Instrument Sciences and is Nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences.

Noel also obtained his Certified Audioprosthologist qualification through the American Conference of Audioprosthology. He has many years of experience with a wide selection of hearing instrument manufacturers.


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“Inhumane is the only way to describe the treatment my wife received; we previously visited the clinic to get a new filter for my wife's hearing aid and the receptionist performed the procedure... no doctor involved. Turns out the new filter aggravated my wife's ear so bad she couldn't sleep and suffered constant pain (it was the wrong size, different color and firmer). When we returned the next week we were told by the same receptionist that "it is the same size", totally disregarding the patient's word. After making us wait outside on their driveway (it was the coldest day of the year for Sarasota ) the receptionist came back with a smaller filter and told us to try this one. At least they didn't charge us for it. We asked if the Doctor could just take a quick look at my wife's ear because we suspected there is some internal damage - the pain had gotten so bad and was so constant - she said, "no, we are all booked up". The only time we even got a glimpse of the Doctor, Dr. Victoria Moore was when she came to the glass door to lock it in our faces after the receptionist departed w/o locking it.... no apology for making us stand out in the cold, no "sorry" for the inconvenience, absolutely no human compassion at all. My father was a doctor and my mother a nurse; The hearing spa are not care givers, they are simply a business.”

DANA M. of Sarasota, FL   
01/24/2022    Review submitted online

Official Response from The Hearing Spa:
“Dear Dana M, We are sorry you feel that you had a bad experience at our clinic. That was truly not our intention. However, we really appreciate your feedback and would like to take this chance to comment on your points… 1) First visit: Our records indicate that you originally visited our office on the 17th of January, without an appointment, asking us to change the dome on your hearing aid that you purchased in another country. Due to the increase in the Covid virus we are only doing curbside service for people without an appointment and who have not completed our Covid questionnaire, temperature taken or wearing a mask. We noted that the dome was falling apart due to wear and tear and was yellow in color. The dome was changed out by the technician and replaced for the exact one that fits the Rexton model hearing aid you had. The dome was replaced with a brand new one out of the package and you were charged $1 for its replacement as you are not an internal patient of ours. You were given a card for the practice with our phone number and names of the providers and advised that if we could help you further please call and we will set you up a consultation appointment with a provider to establish care. An appointment was not set up at this time. 2) Second Visit: Fast forward to Monday 24th January, one week later, you showed up to the clinic again without calling for an appointment and asked to have the dome changed to a smaller size due to it hurting. We advised you that that all we did was change the dome out for the size that you had originally but were more than happy to change it for a smaller size. As you noted, we did change the dome for you to a smaller one and did so without charging you as we try at all times to help. 3) Waiting outside: It is our practice to have people who come into our clinic wear a mask, complete a Covid questionnaire and have their temperature taken. Just like many medical clinics during this pandemic we have a duty to protect our patients and staff on our premises. In accordance with CDC guidelines we will not let people in our clinic unmasked. It clearly states on our door that a mask must me worn to enter the clinic. Unfortunately, a member of your party did not have a mask on. If people wish to be seen without a mask we then see them curb side and this was what happened in your situation. You were advised that you could wait in your car while you were being waited upon but you chose not to do so, but rather stand near our door. 4) Not Seeing the Doctor: As we are a very busy Audiology clinic the Doctor works by appointments only, just like we assume your father did when he was a practicing physician. We try our best to accommodate walk-ins curb side for hearing aid repairs and purchasing supplies but seeing a doctor without an appointment is something we unfortunately cannot accommodate just like other medical practices. This was explained to you on Jan 17th when you visited the 1st time and we helped you the best we could. When you saw Dr. Moore she was walking her patient to the door and getting her next patient with an appointment to be seen. She advised you that someone would be right with you and thanked you for your patience. We truly hope that you were able to establish care with another practice to help you with your hearing dome size issue. However, if you are still in need of help please feel free to call the practice at 941-366-4848 for an appointment and one of our providers will be happy to see you and help you establish care at the office. We take all major insurances and work with most brands of hearing devices and Cochlear Implants. ”
Received 02/01/2022

“As a new resident of Sarasota and to be able to reach out for hearing support soon after the move here, The Hearing Spa was a very positive experience. The knowledge, patience, and understanding of my particular needs were completely met. I would encourage anyone questioning their hearing capabilities or needs to seek the kind of assistance The Hearing Spa offers. ”

Myrna H. of Sarasota, FL   
08/04/2021    Review submitted online

“I first went to the Hearing Spa when my spouse suggested that I kept saying “what did you say?” more frequently. Dr. Moore administered a very thorough hearing examination. The results were not surprising—I had some hearing loss at some frequencies. We explored options and I purchased a set of hearing aids. My follow up appointments always left me with new information. Dr. Moore and the staff (at both locations) are a pleasure to work with and I recommend this practice without any reservation”

Dennis P. of Sarasota, FL   
05/23/2021    Review submitted online

“If you have concerns about your hearing or think you may need a hearing aide the Hearing Spa is the place to go. I recently had a hearing test and can say without exception that it was the most comprehensive hearing test I have ever had. Dr. Moore and her staff are very professional, caring and friendly. ”

Art B. of Bradenton, FL   
05/05/2021    Review submitted online

“Dr. Moore is an excellent professional. I attended her seminar more than 3 years ago on my wife's request. She impressed us so much I became patient of her. Now over more then 3 years with her as client experienced that she always has kept professional, courteous staff like her & they take care of each client as family like their own. They see you immediately for your emergency needs with the same attentive care as an appointed person, being professional myself I would not go anywhere for my hearing issues & recommends to all my friends.”

Chander M. of Sarasota, FL   
05/18/2020    Review submitted online

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Ethics, Education and Experience

We are committed to serving and helping both the permanent and seasonal residents of our local community, and our practice has been doing so since 1981. Our commitment and confidence is such that we offer hearing instruments from the profession’s leading manufactures at competitive rates with complete patient satisfaction guaranteed.

If patients are not satisfied for any reasons within 30 days of purchase, the cost of the hearing instruments will be refunded without any hassle. We pride ourselves upon our service and dedication to our patients.

Our goal is to provide the best possible hearing care based upon the patient’s individual needs. We offer a wide variety of instruments to suit all lifestyles and budgets from a selection of the best manufacturers with service available nationwide.

We have two locations to serve the area:

Hearing Aid Systems, Inc. 4626 26th Street West Bradenton, Florida 34207

The Hearing Spa  1416 Fruitville Rd Sarasota FL, 34236

Hearing care services

The Hearing Spa, which opened in 2007 is a division of Hearing Aid Systems, Inc. of Bradenton, FL which was opened in 1981. The practice is owned by Board Certified Audiologist, Dr. Victoria Moore and her parents.  Dr. Victoria Moore was voted Audiologist of the Year 2013/2014 by Communication Access, Inc.  

The Hearing Spa provides an ample array of audiological services related to hearing loss prevention, evaluation and rehabilitation of hearing impairment. These services include comprehensive hearing evaluations and specialized diagnostic testing for which state of the art equipment is available for otoacoustic emission testing, tympanometry, and acoustic reflex testing.  Other services include tinnitus evaluations, Cochlear Implant evaluations, referrals and programming, in house repairs and estimates for all major manufacturers, employment related screenings, cerumen (wax) removal, and free hearing screenings. Patient care is specialized to each individual’s needs based on their lifestyle and budget. The practice is an independent office, not attached to any one device manufacturer and is therefore able to recommend the best solution available for the needs of the patient because all hearing device manufacturers are very far from equal.   Hearing aid accessories and batteries, which are heavily discounted, are available for purchase.  It really is your one stop location for all of your hearing healthcare needs from slightly impaired to absolutely deaf.

(941) 256-0334

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Monday9:30 am - 5 pm
Tuesday9:30 am - 5 pm
Wednesday9:30 am - 5 pm
Thursday9:30 am - 5 pm
Friday9:30 am - 5 pm

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