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Beltone has a long-established reputation of client-centered care earned by delivering advanced technology hearing aids and top-notch customer service.

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A household name in hearing care, Beltone is based near Chicago, Illinois. Beltone is the retail arm of GN Resound group, a subsidiary of GN Store Nord, headquarterd in Denmark. With products sold in more than 50 countries around the world, Beltone has a global presence. In addition to a world-class line of sophisticated hearing aids, Beltone is focused on positive outcomes for people with hearing loss and they have built a solid reputation of excellent customer service.

Hearing aids made by Beltone

Beltone image man sitting in airport
Beltone's latest Trust hearing aids feature
Made for iPhone technology.

Beltone offers several product families with different sets of features to accommodate a variety of hearing losses and budgets. All types and styles are represented in their product line, from the smallest invisible in the canal (IIC) to traditional behind the ear (BTE) instruments. Beltone also carries a unique and discreet “mic in helix” style.

  • Trust - The latest from Beltone is a full family of Made for iPhone hearing aids featuring the latest technology. Trust includes Beltone Remote Care, which allows hearing care providers to communicate easily with you between appointments and even make fine tuning adjustments to your hearing aids without the need for an office visit. 
  • Legend – This product family is available in three performance levels and is the latest from Beltone. Streaming music and phone calls is easy with its Made for iPhone connectivity and the HearPlus smartphone app allows you to use your phone to control basic hearing aid settings.
  • First – Available in three performance levels, Beltone says First fits 9 out of 10 hearing losses, making it incredibly versatile.
  • Promise – Consisting of a full selection of models and offered in three technology levels, the Promise product line is specifically designed to help simulate the way the ears naturally hear sound.
  • Boost Plus – A robust and comfortable hearing aid line, this product family is made exclusively for people with severe to profound hearing loss and features Made for iPhone connectivity.
  • Prime – Designed to be fit in a single visit with your Beltone professional, Prime is a mic in helix (MIH) style hearing aid. It is very discreet and won’t interfere with eyeglasses or hats.
  • Micro-Invisa – This hearing aid is designed specifically for people who prefer a discreet solution. Its invisible in the canal style is placed far inside the ear canal and is cleverly hidden.
  • Ally – This product line is meant to help you improve your quality of life with easy-to-use features. It is offered in a full selection of behind the ear and in the ear styles to suit your style.

Pediatric, specialty and tinnitus products made by Beltone

Beltone focuses on developing products that suit adults with hearing loss. They do not offer pediatric products or pediatric features in their hearing aids. Children with hearing loss are best served by pediatric audiologists who can oversee their treatment and fit them with products that support their language development and learning.

Since tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and hearing loss can go hand in hand, several of Beltone’s hearing aids feature Tinnitus Breaker Pro to help wearers improve their quality of life while living with tinnitus. This feature can be set for your specific needs by your Beltone hearing care professional. In addition to Tinnitus Breaker Pro, Beltone also offers a smartphone app called Tinnitus Calmer. The app provides soothing custom soundscapes that help distract you from your tinnitus.

Assistive listening devices made by Beltone

Beltone offers many different types of accessories and assistive listening devices that work with their hearing aids to enhance the listening experience or help you hear better in very specific listening situations. Many of their hearing aids are Made for iPhone, providing seamless and easy connectivity to personal audio devices.

  • Remote Control 2 – a user-freindly remote control with a large screen for easy hearing aid changes
  • TV Link 2 – enjoy your favorite television programs again at a volume that is comfortable for you
  • Phone Link 2 – hands-free calls are easy with this accessory that streams phone calls directly to your Beltone hearing aids; also doubles as a hearing aid remote control
  • myPal – personal wireless microphone that helps you hear speech more easily in crowded or noisy environments; also streams sound from personal audio devices and televisions directly to Beltone hearing aids
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