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Guide to Coping with Feedback

Feedback: An introduction to that annoying, head-ache inducing, screeching sound produced by your hearing aid. With tips to solve the problemThis is one reason so people are...


What is a Hearing Aid Dispenser?

Licensed hearing aid dispensers are trained to assess hearing and fit and service hearing aids.


Gardner-Robertson Hearing Scale

Please describe the ''Gardner-Robertson Hearing Scale'' used to grade hearing loss after gamma knife radiosurgery for acoustic neuromas.


Are My Sons Hearing Aids Working?

My two year old son was recently diagnosed with a moderate to severe hearing loss. He is now wearing two hearing aids. How will I know if the hearing aids are working properly? And how will I know if/when they need to be adjusted?


Can I Prevent My Hearing Loss From Getting Worse?

Yes, you can protect your hearing from noise and preserve the hearing you have.


What percentage of hearing loss do I have?

Although sometimes people talk about hearing loss in terms of percentage, it is not an appropriate or meaningful measure of hearing loss.


What is a tympanogram?

Tympanogram results can help diagnose middle ear problems, such as ear infections or Eustachian tube dysfunction. It is an important test to provide medical clearance for hearing aids.


May Is Better Hearing Month: Time to Look at Your Ears

It only rolls around once a year but May is Better Hearing Month ? a time for you to stop for a moment to consider the wonders of hearing and what life would be like if you...


National Women's Health Week: The Importance of Healthy Hearing

This week marks a very important observance ? the National Women's Health Week. Coordinated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' (HHS) Office on...


Hearing Loss in the Workplace: It's All in a Day's Work

With the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, unemployment in the United States is skyrocketing. So it is understandable that the competition for the jobs that do...


Hearing Test: Don't Fear, It Doesn't Hurt

A hearing test is a simple, quick, non-invasive test to determine if you have hearing loss. Based on your hearing test results and the audiogram the hearing professional will make treatment recommendations such as hearing aids.


Hearing Aids: They Make You Younger!

A common perception is hearing aids make you look old, when in fact by choosing not to wear hearing aids and saying "what" all the time, you look even older. By treating hearing loss with hearing aids, you will actually appear younger.


Entertainers with hearing loss

The entertainment industry has a long way to go in including those who are deaf and have hearing loss.


What Do I Need to Purchase a Hearing Aid?

Visiting a hearing aid center for a hearing test and consultation is the first step in buying hearing aids.


Reasons For Hearing Loss: Chronic Kidney Disease

New research indicates that older people who suffer from moderate chronic kidney disease (CKD) may require screening and treatment for hearing loss. The study revealed that over 50 percent of CKD patients had some degree of hearing loss and nearly 30 percent had severe hearing loss.


How To Select a Local Hearing Center

Learn the right questions to ask when selecting a hearing center, ear doctor, or hearing aid store to maintain the best hearing health.


Type and Degree of Hearing Loss

Results of the audiometric evaluation are plotted on a chart called an audiogram. Loudness is plotted from top to bottom. Frequency, from low to high, is plotted from left to right.


Hearing Loss: Over 60% of Americans Over Age 70 Suffer

New evidence indicates that hearing loss affects over 60% of Americans over the age of 70.


How To Understand Your Hearing Test Results

Your hearing test will be graphed on something called an audiogram, which demonstrates your hearing sensitivity for different pitches and volumes.


Hearing Loss: BHI Highlights the Connection to Heart Health

The Better Hearing Institute (BHI) is educating the hearing health community about heart disease and its connection to hearing loss during February, American Heart Month.

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