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Relationship Between Memory and Programs In Hearing Aids

What is the relationship between memory and programs in the hearing aids? If a hearing aid has 3 memories, does it mean that the hearing aid can hold 3 programs?


Hearing Aids: Waterproof, Swimproof & Much More

Hearing aids may soon be swimproof, adding to the list of what makes this hearing aid different than others on the market. What other advancements can consumer expect from hearing aids in the years to come?


Will hearing aids help me?

I was told hearing aids won't help my hearing loss. Is that true?


Do hearing aids really improve sex life?

Hearing loss treatment with hearing aids has been found to improve many areas of quality of life, including improving one's sex life.


Should I wear my hearing aids all day?

Successful hearing aid wearers tend to wear their hearing aids for all waking hours. Once you're used to hearing sounds again, you'll probably find you don't want to be without your hearing aids; however, there are certain situations you should take them off.


Hearing Aids and Background Noise: Overcoming the Battle

If you ever had an untreated hearing loss, you know how frustrating and depressing it is not to be able to hear, communicate or interact with other people. More than likely,...


Hearing Aid Awareness Week: October 3rd-10th

October 3rd -10th is Hearing Aid Awareness Week and is organized by the International Hearing Society to raise awareness concerning untreated hearing loss and how it endangers safety and isolates people from friends and family.


Hearing Impaired Children: Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids Prove Helpful

Researchers discover that bone-anchored hearing aids are an effective treatment for children with bilateral or unilateral hearing loss.


Hearing Aid History: From Ear Trumpets to Digital Technology

The history of hearing aid technology has progressed over the years, from non-electric ear trumpets in the pre-electric age to today's sophisticated digital hearing aids that automatically analyze and process sound.


What kind of hearing aid is right for me?

I have recently been diagnosed with hearing loss and am confused by all my options. How do I know what kind of hearing aid is right for me?


Aids For Hearing: 7 Tips For Breaking The Ice With Loved Ones

Living with a loved one who has hearing loss is frustrating, but you can do something about it for you and that special someone with some simple suggestions.


Hearing Aids Reviews: All Sounds Amplified Is A Myth

Because hearing aids are essentially amplifiers of sound, there's a dog-eared myth that hearing aids boost volume of all sounds that reach the hearing aid and you hear all sounds equally loud. And myth it is.


Are there hearing aids made specifically for children?

Some hearing aid manufacturers have developed hearing aids for children, such as the Oticon Safari.


Cool Hearing Aids: How Technology Has Transformed Hearing

With improved technology, especially digital technology, hearing aids have been taken to a whole new level and this is in large part to a laser-focused mindset from the designers who are now making hearing aids as cool as dark sunglasses.


Is it OK to wear used hearing aids?

When deciding whether or not to use hearing aids from a friend or family member, there are a few factors to consider.


Compare Hearing Aids: Invisible Hearing Aid Types

Today's hearing aids are so small they are invisible. Compare invisible hearing aid types such as Behind The Ear (BTE), Completely In The Canal (CIC) and others.


Newest Hearing Aids: Now Fully Automated

Some consumers want convenience and automation, the no fuss option when it comes to their hearing aids. What does the newest hearing aids technology deliver?


What types of things cause the need for hearing aid repair?

Certain common elements can cause damage to hearing aids and require them to be repaired. With simple cleaning and care steps, hearing aid repair can be prevented.


Newest Hearing Aids: Tiny Computers Delivering Great Sound

A review of the newest hearing aids reveal they are discrete, automated, powerful little computers that learn your preferences, so the longer you wear them, the better they get to know your likes and dislikes.


Mild Hearing Loss: BTE Hearing Aids Are A Perfect Fit

Open ear hearing aids are perfect for mild hearing loss. They have a natural, open feeling, a soft tip that sits within ear canal, and sound that comes from a mini behind the ear (BTE) hearing aid.

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