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What is the latest on hair cell regeneration to cure hearing loss?

Restoration of inner ear hair cells damaged lost through disease, toxins or inherited problems is currently impossible in humans. However, studies in non-human animals show several areas of promise for treatment of hearing or vestibular loss.


New Tinnitus Treatment On The Horizon

SoundCure’s tinnitus therapy, funded by the American Tinnitus Association, has shown great success in bringing relief to sufferers of tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ears.


Curing Tinnitus: Underlying Cause Discovered

Scientists have discovered an underlying cause for tinnitus, which could lead to the development of new drug treatments and a possible tinnitus cure.


Hearing Loss Treatment: New Protein May Hold The Key

Scientists have identified a protein responsible for protecting the ear from age related hearing loss and could provide a new target for anti-aging drug therapies.


Cures for Hearing Loss: Regrowing Hair Cells with Stem Cells Successful

Unlike birds and fish, humans don’t have the ability to grow new hair cells if some are lost due to disease, drugs, or long-term exposure to noise. All of that is about to change.


Tinnitus Treatments: Getting Closer to New Drug Therapies

Researchers in Australia have created a model that induces tinnitus and measures brain cell activity, a step necessary in developing new tinnitus treatments.


Scientific Breakthrough Could Bring Repair of Hearing Loss Closer

14 December 2009 - A new study into hearing has uncovered the secret of our extraordinary ability to perceive a range of sounds - from a pin dropping to the...


Cell Transplants May Cure Deafness

When Uppsala researchers found immature stem cells in the inner ear of humans a few years ago, it caused a global sensation. They have also managed to grow hearing nerves from...

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