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Friday, May 10th 2002

The American Academy of Audiology Cares For America's Hearing(Mclean, VA) - More than 28 million Americans - about 10% of the population - suffer from hearing loss. Approximately...

Thursday, May 9th 2002

PISCATAWAY, New Jersey, May 9, 2002- Siemens Hearing Solutions announces a new addition to its line of Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs), DirectEar' Set 810, a new, advanced...

Wednesday, May 8th 2002

ROCKVILLE, Md., -- Last week, the two chambers of the U.S. Congress passed resolutions recognizing May as National Better Hearing and Speech Month and offering their support for...

Monday, May 6th 2002

Austin, Texas -- Effective May 1, CSD will assume the current contracts, customers and property of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Resource Center (DHHRC), a community based...

Monday, April 22nd 2002

How do ENG protocols differ for testing pediatric patients? What is the youngest age recommended for performing this test? At what point might balance assessment be necessary for pediatric patients?

Monday, April 15th 2002

What is the frequency of hearing aid repair for new hearing aids manufactured in the USA? What are the primary sources of hearing aid failure?

Monday, April 8th 2002

By Melissa SchorrNEW YORK, (Reuters Health) - Infants whose mothers smoke both during and after pregnancy have an increased risk of suffering chronic ear infections, researchers...

Monday, April 8th 2002

I have a 5 yr. old with chronic ear infections. He is currently on his 7th set of PE tubes. He wears bilateral hearing aids. He also has a t-cell immune deficiency and receives IV-IG every three weeks as well as prophylaxis rotating antibiotics. He has si

Wednesday, April 3rd 2002

Vibrant Soundbridge Implanted in 30th Patient at the Otologic Center of Kansas City, Mo.SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Symphonix Devices ® Inc. (NASDAQ:SMPX) announced today that Charles...

Tuesday, April 2nd 2002

Dr. Dennis, every now and then I see a veteran in the office. More often than not, I have no idea if they are eligible for VA benefits. Are all veterans eligible for VA hearing aid benefits? How do I know who is eligible? What is the protocol for a vetera

Tuesday, April 2nd 2002

More than 200 EPIC Affiliates Gain Access to the Award-Winning WyndTell ServiceSAN LUIS OBISPO- Wynd Communications Corporation (a GoAmerica, Inc. company: NASDAQ: GOAM), the...

Thursday, March 28th 2002

Designed To Help Cochlear Implant Recipients Hear More Clearly In All EnvironmentsDENVER - Cochlear Americas announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)...

Wednesday, March 20th 2002

PITTSBURGH, PA -- A team of ear surgeons at Allegheny General Hospital (AGH) has become the first in the United States to use a revolutionary, completely implantable hearing...

Monday, March 18th 2002

I wear two hearing aids and I LOVE going to theme parks (Disney World, etc.) I am always worried that my hearing aids will slip out while on a ride. They are a good fit, and very seldom ''move,'' but some of the rides I like jostle you around a bit or tu

Monday, March 18th 2002

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 18, 2002--Deal Makes WyndTell Service Available To Nation's Largest Network of Hearing Healthcare Providers Wynd Communications...

Monday, March 11th 2002

Have you found any correlation between changes in hearing and a woman'smenstrual cycle? I have a female patient who has threshold shifts of approximately 10dB immediately preceding and during menstruation.

Monday, March 11th 2002

DETROIT, Mich. - Larry Burns, GM Vice President for Research and Development and Planning, is showing that personal challenges often create the strongest leaders. Burns, who lost...

Tuesday, March 5th 2002

New TRIANO Product Minimizes Hearing Effort, Improves Speech Understanding in Noise PISCATAWAY, New Jersey - Siemens Hearing Solutions, a subsidiary of Siemens Medical Solutions,...

Monday, March 4th 2002

A doctor recently told us that our 10 year old daughter has 70-80% hearing loss in one of her ears. He said this could have been there since birth. Has anyone found any treatment that can help inner ear problems? He says there is no treatment, and that no

Wednesday, February 20th 2002

Partnership Announced at the National Hearing Conservation Association Conference as Sonomax Unveils Revolutionary Hearing Protection TechnologyDALLAS Sonomax Hearing I...

Monday, February 18th 2002

Recently, I have started getting a clicking sound in one ear when my head moves up-and-down (e.g., while walking). I do not hear the sound when still. Is this a form of tinnitus?

Tuesday, February 12th 2002

PHILADELPHIA -- Three influential organizations of internal medicine physicians have unveiled a new charter on medical professionalism. The charter, consisting of fundamenta...

Tuesday, February 5th 2002

On Wednesday, I skipped my show for a doctor's appointment. I wish I could warn you about these absences in advance, but that's just not practical, based on the crowd I would...

Monday, February 4th 2002

I've had 3 patients in the last 8 months who complained that their hearing aids brought about a constant urge to cough or clear their throat. I tapered and shortened the hearing aids to the point where there was only a small 'stump' that did not contact a

Monday, January 28th 2002

At what age can APD/CAP disorders first be diagnosed? (Note: We use the terms APD- Auditory Processing Disorder and , CAPD- Central auditory processing Disorder interchangeably)

Page 96 of 97 - 2418 Results
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