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Wednesday, October 10th 2007

Boston, MA September 15 Since its inception, the Oticon Focus on People Awards has honored outstanding people with hearing loss who prove that hearing loss does limit a pers...

Tuesday, October 9th 2007

Introduced at AAA 2007, Entr Plus' represents another major advance in Receiver-in-the-Ear (RITE) technology, offering a significantly expanded fitting range, ultra lightweight...

Monday, October 8th 2007

The hearing aid industry is intensely competitive, in part because only 2% of the entire U.S. population wears a hearing aid. Thats not very many people, and with dozens of...

Sunday, October 7th 2007

Bernafon, the Swiss hearing system manufacturer, is introducing brite, a hearing system that combines latest hearing instrument technology and benefits with a revolutionary...

Saturday, October 6th 2007

Advanced Bionics and Gift of Hearing Foundation Partner to Enable Boy to Hear for First TimeValencia, Calif., September 10, 2007 Understanding the importance of the gift...

Friday, October 5th 2007

Its a federal regulation. Youd think Steve Jobs, or at least Apples legal department, would know that but obviously, something slipped between the cracks during the early...

Friday, October 5th 2007

Not all people are good candidates for a hearing aid and up until now, it’s been a hit-or-miss proposition. Sure, lots of wearers swear by their hearing devices. Some consider them a necessary nuisance, and some...

Tuesday, October 2nd 2007

Hearing Care Professionals Recommendations are Strongly Valued When Choosing Hearing Instruments, Siemens Survey ShowsPiscataway, New Jersey, September 20, 2007 A consume...

Monday, October 1st 2007

At a symposium of hearing specialists, healthcare providers and educators held in Washington, D.C., May 9, 2007, leading hearing authority and founder of the National Center for...

Monday, October 1st 2007

What Is a Stem Cell?Stem cells are remarkable. They occur naturally in the human body. By themselves, they have no definition, or identity, i.e. they arent blood cells, nerve...

Monday, October 1st 2007

When you look at the facts and statistics, you might be surprised:Breast cancer is the most common, life-threatening form of cancer in women.Its the number one cause of death...

Sunday, September 30th 2007

Bluetooth technology may be best known for its contributions to hands-free cellular communication, but this platform for wireless data transfer has sparked a revolution in the hearing aid industry, as well.

Saturday, September 29th 2007

Vivatone has entered the Latin American market with the addition of a new distributor in Chile. Vivatone is now represented in Europe, the Far East, Africa, the Middle East So...

Friday, September 28th 2007

If youre just starting to look around for a hearing device youre in for a big surprise. Long gone are the days of big, clunky devices that amplified all sound equally and were a...

Wednesday, September 26th 2007

Burlington, ON September 10, 2007 - Gennum Corporation (TSX: GND) and Sound Design Technologies, Ltd., a Gores Equity portfolio company, announced today the companies reached...

Tuesday, September 25th 2007

Starkey is pleased to announce it will be featured in the upcoming motion picture, Music Within, the true story of Richard Pimentel. Essential to the films storyline is Pimentels...

Monday, September 24th 2007

Dr. Melody Martin, Au.D, Ph.D. and owner of Martin Audiology knows a lot about hearing health and effective communication as she demonstrated during an exclusive interview with...

Monday, September 24th 2007

Talk about a cacophony of noises. Described as ringing in the ears, buzzing, whistling, humming, thumping, roaring and hissing, the sounds of tinnitus can range from mild to...

Sunday, September 23rd 2007

Acoustic tumors are fibrous growths originating from the balance nerve and are not malignant. They do not spread to other parts of the brain, other than by direct extension.

Sunday, September 23rd 2007

No. People with all degrees and types of hearing loss -- even people with normal hearing can benefit from assistive listening devices.

Sunday, September 23rd 2007

Otolaryngologists (also called ear-nose-and-throat, or ENT, doctors) are physicians who have advanced training in disorders of the ear, nose, throat and head and neck.

Sunday, September 23rd 2007

Spasm, weakness or paralysis of the face is a symptom of some disorder involving the facial nerve. It is not a disease in itself.

Sunday, September 23rd 2007

Middle ear implants are surgically implanted devices. The FDA has approved specific middle ear implants and the FDA is still reviewing others. The middle ear implant is a useful hearing instrument and is quite different from traditional hearing aids.

Sunday, September 23rd 2007

The hearing aid specialist has training in the assessment of patients who specifically seek rehabilitation for hearing loss.

Sunday, September 23rd 2007

Otologists or neurotologists are physicians who, in addition to their ENT requirements, continue their specialized training for an additional year or more in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the ear.

Page 86 of 135 - 3363 Results
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