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Monday, June 12th 2006

What is the job of an educational audiologist? What do they do?

Monday, June 5th 2006

I have used baby wipes to clean my ear molds as advised but unfortunately I cannot get remove the stain from the ear wax. Can you please advise me if there is a cleaning solution which can be used to remove these brown stains, and where I can purchase it?

Monday, June 5th 2006

Gallaudet University Names Dr. Jane K. Fernandes President; Current Provost Becomes Universitys Second Deaf PresidentWashington, D.C. Dr. Jane K. Fernandes, Gallaudet P...

Monday, May 29th 2006

Alexandria, VA, May 15, 2006---The tide of hearing aid press coverage is turning positive. Over the past week, three major national features and an array of local press have...

Monday, May 29th 2006

Do you think that if the battery quits on one hearing aid, you should change the other at the same time so that the voltage will be the same on both ears?

Thursday, May 25th 2006

Innovator in Battery Technology Introduces Solution for Cochlear Implant Patients to Keep Going, Keep HearingSt. Louis, April 5, 2006 For years, cochlear implant patients had...

Monday, May 22nd 2006

What are the most common long-term care and maintenance issues with monitors worn in the ear?

Monday, May 15th 2006

MinneapolisApril 6, 2006Starkey Laboratories, Inc., one of the worlds leading hearing technology companies, today announced the introduction of a revolutionary new hearing system...

Monday, May 8th 2006

Cochlear Receives Medical Design Excellence Award for Nucleus Freedom Implant SystemEnglewood, ColoradoApril 13, 2006Cochlear today announced that it is the recipient of a 2006...

Monday, May 1st 2006

I am very impressed with LOOP SYSTEMS, but marketing and selling them has been a real challenge for me and my practice associates. How do I get patients to try T-coil based Loop systems, and how can I compel patients to install them in their homes?

Monday, May 1st 2006

On February 6, 2006 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) published the results of a follow-up investigation1 to a 2002 report on the relationship between meningitis and cochlear...

Monday, April 24th 2006

As a mother of a teenager, I am concerned about the noise levels of the Walkmans. Also, what about the loud music that employees and customers are exposed to in the ''hip'' shops catering to kids?

Monday, April 17th 2006

Salt Lake City, April 6, 2006 Today at the American Academy of Audiology National Convention and Exposition, Sonic Innovations, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNCI) announced the introduction I...

Monday, April 17th 2006

Company fuses state-of-the-art technologies enabling people to enjoy better sound quality in noisy environments personalizing sound to individuals needsPalo Alto, Calif., 6,...

Monday, April 10th 2006

Individuals with chronic, moderate tinnitus do more poorly on demanding working memory and attention tests than those without tinnitus, according to research conducted at the...

Monday, April 3rd 2006

I have been searching the Internet to no avail. Please give me directions on how to "reactivate" metal can desiccants.

Wednesday, March 29th 2006

Parental Controls for Volume LevelApple released a software upgrade today for the iPod nano and fifth generation of iPod (commonly known as the Video iPod) that allows users to...

Monday, March 27th 2006

Newswise Approximately 15 million Americans have a severe form of tinnitus, the perceived sensation of a ringing, roaring, or humming sound without actual acoustic Al...

Monday, March 27th 2006

When playing jazz professionally, the contour changes of my jawline, causes feedback in my digital hearing aid which fits inside my ear. Also, the trumpet sound itself causes the hearing aid to cut out completely.

Monday, March 27th 2006

Commissioned By American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Survey Suggests Multi-Pronged Prevention Needed To Head Off Risk To Nations Hearing Health(Rockville, MD, Ma...

Monday, March 20th 2006

Washington, D.C., February 21, 2006 - Cochlear Americas has renewed its Circle Alliance Partnership with the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing...

Monday, March 20th 2006

Older people who have negative stereotypes about the elderly have a greater chance of hearing decline, researchers at Yale School of Medicine report in the March issue of...

Monday, March 20th 2006

What are the future trends in the Baha system? How successful are they and what modifications are we likely to see in them?

Monday, March 13th 2006

I have been a hearing aid wearer for 15 years. I am currently testing some new models that communicate wirelessly from one ear to the other. I have noticed that a couple of brands have set off the shop lifting security alarm at the entrance/exit at a coup

Monday, March 6th 2006

More than 1200 Cochlear Implant Recipients and Family Members Attended Event Celebrating the History and Future of Cochlear Implant TechnologyDenver, Colorado-February 21,...

Page 82 of 99 - 2458 Results
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