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Tuesday, March 1st 2011

People with untreated hearing loss lose as much as $30,000 in salary and wages annually, depending on their degree of hearing loss, according to the latest national study by the Better Hearing Institute (BHI).

Monday, February 28th 2011

New tree frog research providing insight into how humans auditory systems discern overlapping voices in a noisy environment.

Monday, February 28th 2011

I was told hearing aids won't help my hearing loss. Is that true?

Friday, February 25th 2011

Recent studies have yielded evidence that the human brain is sensitive to the effects of RF-EMFs from acute cell phone exposures and that further testing is warranted.

Thursday, February 24th 2011

Certain combinations of drugs have been found to be effective in protecting against permanent noise-induced hearing loss, even at lower dosages.

Wednesday, February 23rd 2011

New research findings suggest that auditory neuropathy is not actually due to loss of neurons, as the name implies, but to loss of the inner ear sensory cells that drive them.

Tuesday, February 22nd 2011

Learn the right questions to ask when selecting a hearing center, ear doctor, or hearing aid store to maintain the best hearing health.

Tuesday, February 22nd 2011

NIDCD-funded researchers discover that sound therapy for tinnitus (ringing in the ears) can help people with hyperacusis to tolerate louder sounds.

Monday, February 21st 2011

Hamilton Relay, Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) and captioning provider, will award 18 $500 scholarships for the 2011-2012 academic year.

Monday, February 21st 2011

The history of hearing aid technology has progressed over the years, from non-electric ear trumpets in the pre-electric age to today's sophisticated digital hearing aids that automatically analyze and process sound.

Monday, February 21st 2011

New research on glucocorticoids show they may help improve hearing but don't seem to be acting on inflammation, leading researchers towards new hearing loss treatments possibilities.

Friday, February 18th 2011

During February and March, Oticon will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Agil hearing aids to the American Heart Association to fund life-saving research.

Wednesday, February 16th 2011

New research indicates older adults with hearing loss appear more likely to develop dementia and their risk increases as hearing loss becomes more severe.

Monday, February 14th 2011

The recent televised ABC experiment regarding discrimination against deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals provides an opportunity to educate prospective employers and human resource professionals about the potential that deaf and hard-of-hearing employees have.

Monday, February 14th 2011

A recent Danish study reveals that traffic noise increases the likelihood of having a stroke in people over 65.

Monday, February 14th 2011

I have difficulty hearing on the telephone. Will hearing aids help me hear better?

Friday, February 11th 2011

Researchers in Australia have found that patients suffering from hearing loss which began during infancy and childhood could benefit from a transplant of stem cells from their nose.

Wednesday, February 9th 2011

The new Oticon Chili hearing aid represents the next generation in high-performance hearing aid technology for individuals with moderately-severe to profound hearing loss.

Wednesday, February 9th 2011

Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) has signed on to support a petition asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to require better access to television captioning for people with hearing loss.

Tuesday, February 8th 2011

Hearing loss comes in many different forms and requires varying treatments, depending on its type and severity. It is important to find the best path for your hearing and the health of your ears.

Monday, February 7th 2011

New research has confirmed that prolonged exposure to road noise and wind buffeting while riding in top-down convertibles can cause hearing damage.

Friday, February 4th 2011

Deaf discrimination is the topic of this week's ABC program What Would You Do? and explores whether people would speak up in a situation where deaf people were being discriminated against.

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011

An ADA ruling now requires that H&R Block furnish sign language interpreter services when necessary for persons who are deaf or hard of hearing so they may have equal access to the goods, services and accommodations made available to others.

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011

Oticon Acto hearing aids are designed to give users a full package of state-of-the-art sound technologies and features in a mid-priced hearing aid including multiple power levels, wireless connectivity, noise reduction and more.

Monday, January 31st 2011

New hearing loss research has revealed that a novel molecular mechanism that underlies deafness is caused by a mutation of microRNA called miR-96. The discovery could provide the basis for treating progressive hearing loss and deafness.

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