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Wednesday, November 20th 2013

Ida Institute challenges clinics to put patient care first by busting these four top myths.

Tuesday, November 19th 2013

A lot of people recognize they have hearing loss long before they ever seek treatment for it.

Monday, November 18th 2013

TOPs Hearing and Balance Center has been helping the Houston community hear better for years!

Friday, November 15th 2013

Last year during the holiday season, we highlighted five organizations that are doing extraordinary work to provide resources for and support children and adults who have hearing loss.

Thursday, November 14th 2013

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month - a time when healthcare practitioners and others come together to support those with diabetes and to educate people about how they can lower their risk of diabetes.

Wednesday, November 13th 2013

A team of Oticon employees, including two former Marines, signed on for the Tough Mudder challenge to support Wounded Warriors.

Tuesday, November 12th 2013

The holiday season doesn't have to consist of late nights and loud environments. Learn how to create a fun, but peaceful evening with friends!

Monday, November 11th 2013

Dr. Sunni McBride leads a team of award-winning, compassionate professionals whose specialty is addressing challenging hearing problems.

Friday, November 8th 2013

If you have hearing loss, whether you use assistive listening devices and hearing aids or not, you know how difficult it can be to hear well in stressful, noisy or distracting situations.

Thursday, November 7th 2013

For most people in the U.S., the beginning of November marks the holiday season, where the weather is chill and the days are shorter.

Wednesday, November 6th 2013

Researchers are working on a cure for tinnitus, using animal models like birds, which are able to regrow damaged or lost hair cells.

Tuesday, November 5th 2013

With seasonal changes come changes in just about everything else: the clothes you wear, the foods you eat and what type of exercise you do.

Monday, November 4th 2013

Dr. Dana Luzon knew she made the right decision when she took the plunge and opened Audiology & Hearing Aids of the Palm Beaches.

Friday, November 1st 2013

Natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tornados, and other emergency events provide special challenges for those with hearing loss.

Thursday, October 31st 2013

There are numerous routes someone can take to becoming an audiologist, but they all begin with a degree.

Wednesday, October 30th 2013

Hearing Loss Association of America comes to an agreement with AMC Theatres to create a better hearing environment for individuals with hearing loss.

Tuesday, October 29th 2013

When did audiology begin? It depends on who you ask.

Monday, October 28th 2013

Hearing Care Center of Sharon, Mass. has been serving the community for almost 25 years!

Friday, October 25th 2013

The HearStrong Foundation, which is headquartered in Syracuse, N.Y., was established in 2013 with the goal to inspire people to pursue hearing healthcare and to allow them to take control of their hearing health.

Thursday, October 24th 2013

The entertainment industry has a long way to go in including those who are deaf and have hearing loss.

Wednesday, October 23rd 2013

The American Heart Association received a donation from Oticon in early October.

Tuesday, October 22nd 2013

Having hearing loss makes a lot of things difficult for many people. However, there are some amazing athletes who have made it all the way to the big leagues by not letting their hearing loss hold them back.

Monday, October 21st 2013

Longtime hearing aid user and owner of Hearcare Hearing has been helping others hear better for more than 14 years now.

Friday, October 18th 2013

Today, social movements are much different than they were in the past. With the widespread use of technology, social campaigns can reach more people than ever before and form an online community around an issue through the use of blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

Thursday, October 17th 2013

Living with hearing loss can be a challenge, especially if you've been recently diagnosed and are still learning some of the best coping and thriving methods for you.

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