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Friday, August 16th 2002

Extension of Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Project Brings Composers from Europe and Asia's Ancient Trade Routes to the United StatesPISCATAWAY, N.J., August 9, 2002 - Siemens Corporation...

Wednesday, August 14th 2002

American Academy of Audiology offers consumers Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aids.

Monday, August 12th 2002

What is the effect of AIDS on hearing?

Friday, August 9th 2002

Two Prominent Navy Hospitals in San Diego, Calif. and Portsmouth, Virginia Have Been Designated to Implant the Hearing DeviceSAN JOSE, Calif., (August, 8, 2002) Devices...

Thursday, August 8th 2002

CHARTR EP with PediABR Version 3.0 Now AvailableSCHAUMBURG, Ill. - ICS Medical, a leading manufacturer of diagnostic systems for otoneurologic testing, has introduced CHARTR EP...

Tuesday, August 6th 2002

Valencia, CA, August 6, 2002 - Advanced Bionics® Corporation today announced a Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Reimbursement Program for users of its cochlear implant...

Monday, August 5th 2002

Hearing Care Practitioners Receive Highest Honor at Regional Training Institute MeetingChicago --- Beltone Electronics Corporation proudly announced the winner of Beltone's most...

Monday, August 5th 2002

Audiology Online and Healthy Hearing have sought input from authoritative and well respected sources regarding meningitis and cochlear implantation. The question posed below is a compilation, combining a few emails we recently received. We are apprecia

Thursday, August 1st 2002


Monday, July 29th 2002

(CHICAGO) - Beltone Electronics Corporation is pleased to announce Peter Graves as their national spokesperson. Beltone's new national marketing campaign communicates two simple...

Monday, July 29th 2002

INTRODUCTION:Approximately 3 out of 1000 children have unilateral hearing loss (UHL). Historically, audiologists have informed parents of children with UHL of the the...

Monday, July 29th 2002

My mother-in-law keeps hearing music / radio stations and other noises (in both ears). She has had scans etc and has been told that she's very healthy and nothing is wrong. Please help and/or forward suggestions as we are really desperate for her. She

Thursday, July 25th 2002

MOUNT PLEASANT - For the third consecutive year, a gift from The Carls Foundation in Detroit will support a five-week summer camp at Central Michigan University for children and...

Wednesday, July 24th 2002

July 24, 2002The FDA has become aware of a possible association between cochlear implants and the occurrence of bacterial meningitis. At least 25 cases of meningitis have been...

Monday, July 22nd 2002

I have a patient with severe to profound hearing loss. She functions quite well with binaural digital hearing aids and lip-reading. However, she cannot hear an ambulance siren until it is right in front of her car. This has caused her to have one accide

Monday, July 15th 2002

Most people equate hearing loss with sounds that are not loud enough. However, hearing impairment involves two factors; loudness and clarity. Generally speaking, hearing loss...

Monday, July 15th 2002

Please tell me the difference between a single channel and a multi-channel cochlear implant?

Monday, July 8th 2002

I purchased a set of digitally programmable hearing aids in 1998, and they are still working fine. What is the advantage to digital hearing aids, and is it worth the cost to upgrade?

Monday, July 8th 2002

I was totally surprised when I started feeling angry and sad again. After all, I had just been through a process that brought me back into the hearing world, a miracle of...

Friday, July 5th 2002

Partners With WGBH to Demonstrate New Technology WASHINGTON/PRNewswire/ -- The first high-definition television (HDTV) sets incorporating new digital closed caption capability...

Wednesday, July 3rd 2002

National Award Spotlights Hard of Hearing People Who Defy Negative StereotypesClaire Kantor of New Providence, is among 15 outstanding individuals honored by the Oticon Focus on...

Monday, July 1st 2002

A Reminder That Noise Induced Hearing Loss Can Be Prevented(Mclean, VA - July 1, 2002) - With more than 28 million Americans - or about 10% of the population - suffering from...

Monday, July 1st 2002

Research has demonstrated that many children with normal hearing (e.g., children with learning, reading, language, attentional and/or auditory processing disorders) experience...

Monday, July 1st 2002

Is it true that the battery testers are not accurate for testing zinc-air batteries?

Monday, July 1st 2002

A University of Western Ontario audiologist has been honored with a Canada Research Chair to study new ways to assist infants who have hearing loss.Richard Seewald, professor in...

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