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Thursday, December 18th 2003

Cochlear releases e-version of their popular pamphlet: "A parent's guide to cochlear implants." Click Here for more information.Click here to visit the Americas...

Wednesday, December 17th 2003

"Things to Know BEFORE you BUY Hearing Aids." Click Here for more information.Click here to visit the Phonak website.

Tuesday, December 16th 2003

Despite the relatively slow progress being made on a number of major legislative fronts, HIA efforts and those of others are garnering support for H.R. 3103, the Hearing Aid...

Monday, December 15th 2003

I am trying to locate some sort of soft earpieces or inserts for people who wear hearing aids while participating in sports. Do you know of anything on the market that would reduce the risk of injury from a mild blow to the ear? I hate my hard acrylic ear

Monday, December 15th 2003

Etymotic releases e-version of their pamphlet addressing the ER-4 MicroPro Earphones...impressive sound isolation while maintaining each instrument. Click Here for more...

Monday, December 15th 2003

The Protection Plus covers against Loss and Accidental Damage following the expiration of the manufacturer's original warranty. Repairs that are the result of normal war tear...

Thursday, December 11th 2003

LOS ANGELES -- December 2003 -- The House Ear Institute is now offering a public access link to a new USC Ageworks TM online educational program on "Hearing and the Aging...

Tuesday, December 9th 2003

LOS ANGELES, CA and NILES, IL -- December 2003 -- Representatives from the House Ear Institute (HEI) and Shure Incorporated will partner to provide free hearing screenings to...

Monday, December 8th 2003

Number of People Benefiting is Expected to DoublePALO ALTO, CA - December 2003 - Arthur Gardner, who is losing his hearing, will become the first person in California to be...

Monday, December 8th 2003

I'm a 4th Year Mechanical student, doing my Final Thesis on Trumpet sound. Was wondering what is the Highest Loudness (In decibels, dB) can a Human take before going deaf? In another words, what is the unhealthy loudness of a sound? Where can I read mor

Monday, December 8th 2003

Norma R. Mraz, M.A.Mraz Audiology Consulting, Alpharetta, GAhttp://www.tinnitus-ears.comRobert L. Folmer, Ph.D.OHSU Tinnitus ClinicOregon Health & Science University,...

Thursday, December 4th 2003

IQ, new hearing technology with all the trimmings... Click Here for more information.Click here to visit the Interton USA website.

Wednesday, December 3rd 2003

Analog or digital - what's the difference? Digital cameras, digital televisions, digital telephones, digital sounds... The word "digital" is used more frequently with...

Tuesday, December 2nd 2003

DENVER - December 2003 - Cochlear Americas recently announced the launch of the Cochlear Consumer Advisory Board, the industry's first consumer advisory board for cochlear...

Tuesday, December 2nd 2003

This morning, the Senate passed the Medicare Reform bill following House passage last Friday. While the cornerstone of this legislation provides a new prescription drug fo...

Monday, December 1st 2003

Results of a US study in this week's issue of THE LANCET provide details of the underlying physical causes of attention-deficit hyperactivity syndrome, with reductions in size of...

Monday, December 1st 2003

My ears itch when I wear my completely-in-the-canal hearing aids. The hearing aids are otherwise perfect. What can I do?

Monday, December 1st 2003

"Lynns" passion was flying. She loved her job as a flight attendant. One day she noticed an ingrown toenail. Within a few days it became infected. The Gentamicin1 her...

Wednesday, November 26th 2003

The Audiology Awareness Campaign (AAC) recently arranged for audiologists to speak at 27 "National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine" conventions in 10 cities in...

Tuesday, November 25th 2003

PHONAK releases e-version of their popular pamphlet "Tips for Communicating with Hearing Instrument Users." Click Here.Click here to visit the Phonak website.

Monday, November 24th 2003

Etymotic releases e-version of their pamphlet addressing "Digi K - unsurpassed high fidelity hearing aids." Click Here for more information.Click here to visit the...

Thursday, November 20th 2003

Ceremonies Held in Washington, D.C., on November 17, 2003William Austin, founder and CEO of Starkey Laboratories, Inc. and the Starkey Hearing Foundation, was honored with a...

Wednesday, November 19th 2003

LA HABRA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- 11/2003 -- While seniors are living longer today than ever before, there are still serious health issues that occur with the aging process,...

Tuesday, November 18th 2003

Cochlear releases e-version of their popular pamphlet: "A guide to cochlear implants." Click Here for more information.Click here to visit the Cochlear Americas website.

Monday, November 17th 2003

Getting a cochlear implant was not on my list of things to do. Being deaf was as natural as having blue eyes and buying a box of red hair dye. Having gone deaf at 18 old d...

Page 120 of 137 - 3423 Results
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