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Don't miss these top 10 stories of 2014

Don't miss these top 10 stories of 2014 From summer reading lists to debunking the top five hearing aid myths, Healthy Hearing readers commented, liked and shared these ten articles the most in 2014. 2014 985 Don't miss these top 10 stories of 2014

We wrote a lot of hearing health content for you in 2014. It was our pleasure! Here are the articles you decided were our top 10, based on relevancy, shares, comments on the story and Facebook likes. 

top 10 stories of 2014
Now's the time for remembering 
2014. Check out our top 10 stories
of the past year.

#10: Seven highly effective habits of hearing aid wearers 

What ARE those happy hearing aid wearers doing to be successful? They’re hearing better, enjoying life more and are generally just fun to be around. The number 10 article on our countdown list identifies seven successful habits you can adopt to be just like them. They include:

  • Wear your hearing aids
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be proactive
  • Address issues with your hearing aids
  • Open the hearing aid battery door at night
  • Carry extra batteries
  • Store your hearing aids properly

If hearing aids are part of your life, take a few minutes to read this article. The hearing you save may be your own!

#9: Summer reading list 

Whether you get your reading fix the old fashioned way by checking books out of the library or enjoy downloading good reads on your personal electronic device, we’ve identified great stories for all ages. The best part? They feature deaf or hard of hearing characters.

For children, check out these books written by Oscar-winner Marlee Matlin, "Deaf Child Crossing" and "Nobody’s Perfect."

The young adults in your life might enjoy "Of Sound Mind" by Jean Ferris, "Hurt Go Happy" by Ginny Rorby, "Five Flavors of Dumb" by Antony John, "The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin" by Josh Berks and any of the "The Connor Westphal Mystery Series" written by Penny Warner.

Adults will enjoy "Deafening" by Francis Itani.

#8: Safety tips for trick-or-treater with hearing aids

The number eight article we wrote this year helps parents of children who wear hearing aids stay safe during trick or treat. They include:

  • Performing a hearing aid pre-check
  • Dressing your little characters in bright colors
  • Keeping them close at hand
  • Planning your route ahead of time

While most of these tips are good for children regardless of their hearing ability, it’s always a good idea to take additional precautions if your child wears hearing aids or cochlear implants.

#7: Back-to-school checklist for children with hearing loss

When your child has hearing loss, going back to school takes on a whole new set of challenges. Since you’ll want to advocate for your child, this article lists a number of ways to ensure their success in the classroom. They include:

  • Make sure teachers know your child wears hearing aids and monitors their use.
  • Put together a hearing aid care kit for teachers
  • Purchase hearing aid equipment necessary for your child to participate in extracurricular activities.
  • Devise a plan to deal with classroom bullies.

#6: Teaching kids about hearing aids and hearing loss

In November, we highlighted ways you can talk to the kids in your family about your hearing aids. You’ll want to employ different strategies depending on the age of the child.

  • Devise games to communicate with children ages 2-5
  • Encourage children ages 5-7 to reduce noise from toys if they want to talk to you
  • Show children ages 7-10 your hearing aids and explain why you need them
  • Employ the latest technology with kids age 10-14

Although we wrote the article to help you deal with the holiday fray, these tips work well no matter the time of year.

#5: Hearing tests and tips for every age

Keeping your hearing healthy is a lifetime endeavor – and hearing tests are the way to help us monitor our hearing health.

  • Newborns are screened before they leave the hospital
  • Elementary school children receive hearing tests in grades K-3, 7 and 11.
  • Some college majors require their students have a hearing test before they begin the program
  • Everyone should have a baseline hearing test at the age of 50

#4: Hearing aid do's and don'ts for the summer

In June, we provided some tips for protecting your hearing aids during the hot, humid summer months.

  • Store your hearing aids in a cool, dry place
  • Clean your hearing aids regularly
  • Pack back-up supplies and have them handy when you travel
  • Wear your hearing aids when you travel, especially in busy transportation hubs so you can hear effectively

#3: Summertime accessories for your hearing aids

Our third top 10 story of the year was also written in June. If you aren’t familiar with these great hearing aid accessories to help you enjoy your summer activities, you’ll want to read this article. Learn what types of accessories are appropriate for outdoor fun, playing sports or enjoying water activities.

#2: Why you shouldn't clean your ears with cotton swabs

Come on – admit it! You’ve used a cotton swab to clean your ears at least once during your lifetime, right? We updated this popular post from 2011 in August to remind you why it’s not a good idea.  

#1: Debunking the top five hearing aid myths

Our most popular article was written in October. What is your perception of hearing aids? Did it make the top five list of hearing aid myths? If you believe any of these five statements, you’ll want to read the article to discover why they’re not true:

  • Hearing aids are big and bulky
  • I only need one hearing aid until my hearing gets really bad
  • Hearing aids are only for the elderly
  • Buying hearing aids online saves time and money
  • Hearing aids didn’t work for my friend so they won’t work for me

We’re already hard at work brainstorming hearing health articles for 2015. Why not start your New Year off right with a visit to your hearing health professional? Check our directory of hearing aid centers and clinics to find the one that’s right for you.

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