September is blogger month!

September is blogger month! This month we feature some of our favorite hearing loss bloggers. 2014 631 September is blogger month!

The Internet Age has helped connect people from all corners of the globe and all walks of life, people searching for advice, help, or just someone to whom they can relate. The blogging community in particular has evolved to meet these needs, establishing a place where people can share their stories, ask questions and find in someone they’ve never met a reliable source of humor and comfort.

This month, Healthy Hearing will be featuring members of the hearing loss blogging community who cover all angles of hearing issues: deafness, cochlear implants, children and parenting, hearing loss in the workplace and living with hearing loss in other countries. Hearing loss bloggers in particular play a valuable role in educating each other and encouraging each other to not let their condition become a preventative force in their lives, and they serve as a particular source of strength to those around them, especially to the newly deaf or hard-of-hearing.

September is blogger month
September is blogger month at 
Healthy Hearing! Get ready for 
news and stories on your favorite
bloggers in the hearing loss

Many bloggers we’ll feature for the first time, but we’ll also be checking in on our favorite bloggers from last year. Each week we’ll have “Flashback Friday,” where we’ll catch up with some of the bloggers we featured previously to see how life is going, what’s new and the status of their hearing loss.

For our international stories, we’ll feature how hearing loss is different in countries around the world, and how the laws and treatments differ as well. You’ll get to read different perspectives on hearing loss from bloggers who face the same challenges the hearing impaired experience here in the United States.

Our story on cochlear implants will delve into the reasons why they’re controversial, and why so many people choose them over hearing aids. Bloggers with cochlear implants, or children or other loved ones with cochlear implants, will share their experiences on their daily routines, challenges, and the benefits and disadvantages to a cochlear implant.

Parents face a particular challenge if they have children with hearing loss. A child’s cognitive ability is directly connected to their hearing capacity, and parents have to be conscious of any gaps that result from their children’s hearing loss. To make matters more difficult, children and teens face the daunting task of fitting in with their peers. Teasing and bullying can take a toll on their self esteem, and parents have the responsibility to recognize any mounting problems when their children might not be willing to discuss them. Our parent bloggers share their tips and stories about building confidence in their children and convincing them to embrace their hearing loss as a positive, rather than a negative, personal characteristic.

Hearing loss also poses a problem for adults in the workplace, especially if they aren’t equipped with all the assistive listening devices that are available to the hearing impaired. A productive office relies on its employees’ effectiveness to communicate, and hearing loss presents potential struggles to the daily workload. Our workplace bloggers share their tips and stories on negotiating the office space with their colleagues.

We hope this series of article will help strengthen the hearing loss community and connect people who are just starting out on their journey with hearing impairment. At Healthy Hearing, our goal is to connect the hearing impaired with valuable resources in the healthcare realm as well as with each other. Living with hearing loss isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. Whatever you're going through, you’re certainly not alone.

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