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Check your hearing before packing your suitcase

Check your hearing before packing your suitcase Add a hearing check to your pre-vacation to-do-list. 2014 610 Check your hearing before packing your suitcase

What’s on your to-do list before you take off on your summer vacation? Water the plants, turn down the thermostat, take out the trash...what about getting your hearing checked?

Dealing with hearing loss while traveling can be difficult and stressful. Your hearing needs to be at maximum capacity to hear directions, traffic sounds, approaching stops on the train or bus, shouts from your friends or family when you get separated in a crowd, and, of course, just to enjoy all the little noises that make every day so memorable.

It’s generally advised to have your hearing checked once a year, just like your eyesight or a regular physical. But according to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, only 20 percent of adults who suffer from hearing loss actually seek treatment. That means only 1 in 5 adults who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wears one. Are you one of those people?

get your hearing checked before you go on vacation
If you're planning a getaway, make sure to pay
a visit to your hearing care professional to
make sure everything is in working condition! 

It might sound drastic, but having your hearing evaluated before you take a vacation could have a positive impact on your time off. Since your brain adapts to minimal changes in your hearing ability, you might not realize your hearing has worsened or changed shape, whether that be in the time since your last audiologist appointment or if you’ve never been to an audiologist at all. Your audiologist will be able to recognize any alterations in your hearing and recommend minor changes that could result in major improvements in your hearing capability.

If you already know you have hearing loss but haven’t visited your audiologist recently, schedule an appointment to make sure you’re not missing anything before heading out of town. If you wear hearing aids, it’s important to make sure they’re functioning properly and not nearing the end of their lifespan. A hearing aid has the average lifespan of around five years with proper care and maintenance, and it’s recommended you see your hearing health professional to have your hearing aids serviced every six months. Your audiologist can give your hearing aids a good cleaning and check-up to ensure they’re at optimal functioning ability. The last thing you need when you’re on the road is a set of malfunctioning hearing aids.

Your audiologist can perform the following services for your hearing aid:

  • Resolve a whistling/howling sound.
  • Ear wax removal.
  • Replace/supply new batteries.
  • Fine tune the settings.
  • Clean/replace corroded or clogged parts.
  • Perform a hearing check.
  • Make other recommendations to better your hearing.

You might be surprised at the difference these adjustments can make in the quality of your hearing. If you haven’t made a trip to your hearing health professional in awhile, the quality of your hearing aid could be deteriorating without you even realizing it.

When was the last time you had your hearing checked? Get the process started by trying our online hearing check here. It’s quick and confidential, and could indicate whether or not you have a larger hearing issue on your hands. Your consultation with your audiologist will be private, of course, but our hearing check can be the first step in pushing you out the door and into your audiologist’s office.

So when you’re drawing up that to-do list before heading to the beach, add a line about your hearing. Before you stop to fill up the gas tank, stop at an audiologist’s office in your area.

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