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Manatee Hearing & Speech Center | Hearing Center Interview

Manatee Hearing & Speech Center, which has two locations in Bradenton and one in Sun City Center, has been providing Bradenton and the surrounding community with high-quality hearing health care and hearing loss solutions since 1974. Hearing Aid Specialist Brad Mason, who is Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences, explained why he became a hearing aid practitioner:

"I enjoy connecting people to one another," Mason said in an email interview. "I see many people that are frustrated and unhappy when they are unable to do the activities they once enjoyed. I take away those barriers."

Brad Mason works at Manatee Hearing & Speech CenterMason's career as a hearing aid specialist allows him to work with patients when they are most vulnerable, as statistics show that many people wait several years to get hearing aids, even when they can benefit from the devices much sooner. Mason thinks that many people's resistance stems from a concern for how they look with hearing aids and how they may be perceived differently. But, he said he listens to their fears and needs, and then works with each individual to find a solution that works for that person specifically. He knows what to say to assure new hearing aid users that they are making the right decision for their hearing health and ability to connect with family and friends:

"I assure them that with today's technology, the hearing aids are almost invisible, and that people notice their hearing loss much more than the hearing aids," he wrote.

Mason's success in fitting patients with custom hearing aids is likely due to his philosophy on patient care:

"I treat people the way I treat my mother and father. I believe everyone deserves the best care possible," he said, and emphasizes that it is possible to receive excellent care that is also affordable - patients don't have to choose between price and quality.

And, amazing things happen everyday at Manatee Hearing & Speech Center, especially with such attentive, professional staff. Mason told the story of a woman who came in the office with her granddaughter and 5-year-old great grandson. The child loved to communicate but his great grandmother just couldn't hear him well. Mason was happy watching them talking and laughing after the woman was fitted with her hearing aids.

"I really enjoy seeing a person's eyes light up when they are hearing things they have not heard in a very long time," he said.

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