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Professional Hearing Services, Inc., in Indianapolis has been a strong presence in the community since 1983. Through their 30 years of hearing healthcare services, Professional Hearing Services has designed their practice to stay small and privately owned so the hearing healthcare professionals can provide personalized care. According to current owner and audiologist Suzanne O'Connor, this is what sets her practice apart.

Professional Hearing Services, Inc provides hearing care. "We're privately owned and provide that personal touch for people. Hearing loss is such an intimate personal thing for so many people, I think our patients really appreciate the fact that they know who's going to answer the phone, they know who will be checking them in and out at the front desk, they know who they'll be seeing each and every time," O'Connor said in an interview.

Her personal inspiration stems from her dual interests in science and in helping people, and she combined these two interests into a successful 30-year career in audiology. Her philosophy on patient care is to provide individual attention and a personalized touch.

"Each and every person has their own unique story as to what brought them to seek help for their hearing issues and what really are their major concerns that I need to help them with ... I try to listen to what they seem to think is most important and then personalize to their needs."

Still, O'Connor said that there are several reasons patients are resistant to or have concerns about getting help for their hearing. One barrier she pointed out is that patients often don't know where to start and can be afraid because they don't know who to ask or who will give them an honest opinion.

O'Connor strives to make her patients comfortable and to let them see for themselves how hearing aids and other assistive listening devices can help. In an interview, she spoke about one recent patient whose hearing had been slipping slowly for 10 years and her surprise that, even with such mild hearing loss, she could hear much better after trying on a hearing aid in the office.

"Every person is just a little bit different in when they're ready to pursue it and when their hearing is getting the best of them, but often I'll let people experience better hearing for themselves quickly in the office and they see instantly, 'Wow, that's nice!'"

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