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Healthy Hearing salutes featured bloggers and authors

Healthy Hearing dedicated the month of September to the amazing bloggers and authors sharing the way hearing loss or deafness has imipacted their personal, professional and emotional lives. From lip reading moms to librarians who will never tell you to 'shh,' Healthy Hearing was proud to feature the following 25 bloggers and four authors for telling their stories openly and honestly. 

Featured bloggers

speak up!: This blog is penned by the mother of Marielle, a little girl with a moderate-severe hearing loss as the result of two connexin mutations.

Stansel Journey: This website chronicles the life of a family with three young children, one who has a severe to profound hearing loss and recently received her first cochlear implant. 

Cacophony to Symphony: This blog depicts the life of a teenage girl's journey through life, school, hearing loss and cochlear implants.

Healthy Hearing features bloggers and authors writing about hearing lossLife, Love, Laugh, Family: This site is dedicated to a family of four with two children, one who was born deaf and received a cochlear implant. 

For the Love of Ava: This is another parent-written blog which takes a look at life with a child who has a severe or profound deafness

Our Journey: This blog is written by the parent of Aiden, a boy diagnosed with profound hearing loss at birth.

Hear Me ... Hear Me Not ...: Blogger Deb uses this form as an opportunity to talk about the experiences she's faced while raising a child with hearing loss.

Making deaf children matter: This blog is written by Ian, a man living in the UK who has been profoundly deaf since birth and works to ensure deaf children receive the assistance needed to help them learn and grow.

hearing/loss: This blog is written by an adult who lost hearing in adulthood, post lingual, and eventually went deaf. The blogger chronicles the adjustments made after receiving a cochlear implant at the age of 39.

Life in Color with Closed Captions: The blogger behind Life in Color is married to a deaf and blind man and provides readers with a fresh take on their life together.

My Hearing Loss Experience: Blogger Chelle, a woman whose hearing began declining at the age of 14, but wasn't recognized, diagnosed or fit with hearing aids until nine years later, writes about her life with hearing loss and battle with tinnitus.

With a Little Moxie: This blog follows the life of Meriah, a woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury at the age of four after being ejected through a windshield in an automobile accident and resulted in her hearing loss.

Deafinitely Girly: The blogger behind Deafinitely Girly lives in London and provides readers with a glimpse into her everyday experiences with being deaf.

Another Boomer Blog: This blog is penned by a baby boomer whose hearing loss is a result of a traumatic head inury suffered as a child. 

Eye Can't Hear You: This blog details the life of an individual suffering from hearing loss due to Usher syndrome. 

CD's Ear Blog: Blogger Meghan provides a completely different take on life with hearing loss after developing it from a case of bacterial menengitis. 

Eh? What? Huh?: The blogger of Eh? What? Huh? has bilateral sensorineural hearing loss (possibly since birth), and also works as an itinerant teacher of deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

Adventures of a Deaf Girl: Written by a 24-year-old woman, this blog shares the story of a computer technician and programmer, and her everyday experiences, journies and struggles.

Georgia Pathway to Language and Literacy: This blog is written by a hearing person who entails her day-to-day experiences with deaf and hard-of-hearing students and Georgia Pathway's battle to step up the language and literacy program. 

The Cookie Bite Chronicles: This blogger's hearing loss, a mild, mid-frequency hearing loss (described as a cookie bite because of its appearance on an audiogram), was discovered because of her careeer as an art and design lecturer. 

Speak up Librarian: This blog is the account of a hard-of-hearing librarian who uses her writing as a way to accept her hearing loss, learn from it and embrace it.

Life with a Hearing Dog: Blogger Cathy uses her forum as a chance to chronicle her life not only with her service dog, but training and selecting a new one after the passing of her beloved Bosley. 

Hearing Elmo: This blog details Denise's lifelong hearing loss, current battle with Meniere's Disease and routine with her hearing service dog, Chloe.

Deaf News Today: For the last 12 years, Deaf News Today has been serving up hard-hitting news and other stories impacting the hard-of-hearing and Deaf communities. 

DeafTECHNews: This informative site keeps readers up to date on any and every new technological release and how it affects or can be utilized by individuals with hearing loss.

Featured authors

Regan Brady: Middle school student Regan Brady isn't like most adolescents her age; not only does she have cochlear implants, but she's already published a book.

Shanna Groves: Author Shanna Groves isn't just a lip reader or mom, she's the lip reading mom.

Katherine Bouton: Professional Katherine Bouton discusses how hearing loss impacted her professional life and why it was so important to her book.

Karen Putz: Writer, mother and professional speaker, Karen Putz, works to inspire and motivate deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. 

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