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Family Hearing Services, Inc. serves the general Elko, Nev., region with individually-focused care so patients can find the best solution for their hearing loss. The clinic is led by Cathy Vance, who received her doctoral degree in audiology in 2007 at the Arizona School of Health Sciences. While continually researching new technologies to provide the utmost care to her patients, Vance is able to offer a wide variety of services and products in a price range that works with anyone.

"I always wanted to work in healthcare, but didn't want to watch anyone suffer, or die," Vance said in an email interview. "So I looked at the allied healthcare field and found audiology. It seemed to offer exactly what I was seeking and it has turned out to be a wonderful field to get into."

Since earning her master's degree in audiology in 1998, Vance has been working with people and the community to raise awareness of hearing loss and help those who are suffering.

At Family Hearing Services, Inc., patient care is always the number one responsibility.

"The patient needs to be treated with dignity and compassion and helped in any way that I can help them," Vance said.

In addition to Vance, audiologist Corrie Smith also rounds out the Family Hearing Services team. 

"My favorite part of being an audiologist is when I see a patient's whole face light up when they recognize a sound they haven't heard in a long time," Smith said. "I enjoy giving them back the things they were missing and helping them begin to communicate effectively again."

Vance believes working in the field of audiology has its pros and cons, While some people don't have access to hearing aids and other devices because their insurance doesn't cover the expenses, those that are able to receive care make everything worthwhile. Smith echoed Vance's statement and also said she could use more time.

"The most challenging aspect of working in the hearing healthcare is time – I never have enough of it," said Smith. "I wish I had at least a couple of hours to spend with each patient and family member to help them along their hearing journey."

However, a career as an audiologist can be incredibly fulfilling, according to Vance. One of her most rewarding experiences as an audiologist was, "when I put hearing aids on a 13-year-old who had hearing loss, and she started crying because she could hear her mom talk to her."

If there were one thing that Vance could tell people about hearing aids it would be "that hearing aids are a tool for helping them empower themselves to hear better."

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