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Iowa Audiology & Hearing Aid Centers | Hearing Center Interview

Audiologist Jason Aird earned his Doctor of Audiology degree at the University of Florida and he joined Iowa Audiology & Hearing Aid Centers in 1994. Dr. Aird and his staff provide the general Southeastern Iowa Area with diagnostic hearing evaluations, rehabilitation and hearing instrument fittings.

"I enjoy using my education, knowledge and skills to help people to hear the best that they can and continue to participate in the activities around them," Dr. Aird said in an email interview.

hearing aid fitting, buying hearing aidsUnfortunately, over the years some people have given into stigmas that surround hearing aids. As technology begins to drastically improve, hearing devices have been able to adapt with more features and settings to offer users more natural hearing. However, some people are still unaware of what is on the market.

"One of the top reasons people do not get hearing instruments is the fear of the unknown," Dr. Aird explained. "Will they work? Will others see them? Will I know how to use them? Will someone help me after they collect the money for them? These are all legitimate questions and we take the time to walk through each one of them for every patient."

As an audiologist, Dr. Aird sees the good, the bad and the funny as patients come in and out of his door. "I had an HR professional one time [who] thought he heard his assistant tell him that someone in the company needed six weeks off to help her sister move," he said. "The HR professional was not going to let her have that much time off for this. After a short argument with his assistant she re-stated 'I am not sure why you are not going to let her have the time off for a major surgical operation to have a cyst removed.'"

Dr. Aird and the rest of his team take each patient's best interest in mind to treat hearing loss and offer trial periods on devices so that each person can experience the positive aspects of hearing aids and being able to experience life to the fullest.

"Patients routinely refer their family and friends to us because they know our fundamental goal of treating each person individually to best solve their communication needs," Dr. Aird said. "Our practice strives to continue to provide healthcare the old fashion way, simply treating each patient as they were a family member."

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