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Waits Hearing Aid Center | Hearing Center Interview

Waits Hearing Aid Center | Hearing Center Interview Waits Hearing Aid Center in Fayetteville, Ga., works with the community to promote awareness and help those with hearing loss.  2013 390 Waits Hearing Aid Center | Hearing Center Interview

As the first and only full-time audiologist in Fayetteville, Andrew Waits serves the community at Waits Hearing Aid Center. Patients have access to hearing assessments, hearing devices, assistive listening devices and more.

"I started in speech pathology but found working with more equipment seemed more interesting. My wife does the speech language pathology part," Waits said in an email interview.

hearing aids, hearing aid center, buying hearing aids, audiologistThe team at Waits Hearing Center gets to know patients the moment they walk through the door so that they are properly treated and fit for the right hearing device. But instead of selling a product, Waits works to find the most effective solution while educating individuals on how to cope properly with the natural impairment.

"I believe what makes my practice unique is we never ever pressure anyone to buy hearing devices if they are not ready and our prices are fairer and more reasonable than our competitors," he said. "I believe in making sure the patient is able to say 'my life has improved.'"

"My favorite part of being an audiologist is the time I spend with my patients who give back to me as much as I give them. I love to hear their stories and have met some of the most interesting and intelligent people I've ever come across," he said. "I see goodness in all of them."

Waits is able to both work to improve patients' lives and offer new technology that provides people with as normal hearing as possible. Features such as Bluetooth innovations make hearing loss a thing of the past.

"I had a lady last week with a moderate to moderately severe hearing loss who I fit with new technology, and her face lit up like she had just received a surprise blessing," he said. "I don't think she realized that it could be possible to hear that well and was overwhelmed with emotions."

In fact, Waits and the rest of his team venture outside of the office as well. "We stay active in our community by giving talks on hearing care and participate in local fairs and festivals giving out literature on hearing topics," he said. "We do free hearing screenings for adult centers in town. In all our ads, I include a piece that says we give caption phones free to all who have difficulty using the telephone."

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