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Nilsson Hearing Center | Hearing Center Interview

Nilsson Hearing Center | Hearing Center Interview Nilsson Hearing Center has served the greater St. George, Utah, area for three decades in a family-owned setting.  2013 424 Nilsson Hearing Center | Hearing Center Interview

Serving the greater St. George, Utah, area, Nilsson Hearing Center is a family-owned and operated business with personal care, hearing health evaluations, comprehensive hearing therapy and personalized counseling available. The team of Mark, his wife Robyn and son Eric, work closely with community members to care, manage and treat hearing health issues.

hearing aids, nilsson hearing center, hearing lossMark Nilsson, owner of the clinic and nationally board-certified hearing instrument specialist, has been in the business for more than three decades. After earning a degree in health sciences and working for state government for five years, he took it upon himself to branch out and find an impactful way to help others.

"In my 33 years of experience, wearing hearing devices faithfully can do more for the overall health of a hearing impaired individual [than] almost any other action," Mark Nilsson wrote in an email interview. "I believe the science has started to prove this observation when it comes to isolation, depression and even the correlation with dementia and decreased cognitive functioning.  I myself am a baby-boomer and do not want to miss one thing that is going on at this very enjoyable age."

He noted that a "significant change happened in just the last few months with the debut of Oticon Alta and its ability to further advance the sound quality of digital devices to 'near normal' hearing in the minds of the patient. I have personally noticed, and even with my patients, an added comprehensive and cognitive improvement. Whether that is proven or not, it has been my experience in the clinic. This product has shown immediate acceptance and comfort with first-time users."

Yet some people still have the idea that hearing aids are clunky, ugly and are not worth the money. "The ideas that people have are based on old technology and the few people who speak negatively about hearing a society we focus on the negatives not on the possibilities," he said.

Hearing aid wearers themselves are not the ones to blame when it comes to the negative stigma that still surrounds the device. "From the business side of things, our industry does a horrible job in public relations. The advertisements, pushy salesman and the belief by some in 'sell them and forget them' has done more damage to our chances of increasing the adoption of rate of hearing devices," He said. "Nilsson Hearing has spent a lot of time, money and sweat equity to make sure we do not fall into this category and I believe our patients would attest to our differentiation."

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