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Using FM systems to enjoy outings

People with hearing loss have a number of assistive listening device options that can help  to increase their opportunities for hearing, no matter the situation. For example, FM systems allow hearing aid wearers to clearly understand speech in a noisy setting. Since many people with hearing loss – and even people without hearing loss – may struggle with hearing when there is a lot of background noise, FM systems amplify only the intended sounds without interference.

Social isolation can be a real problem for people with hearing loss because they struggle with understanding people, and this can sometimes cause a lot of strain. People may avoid these situations altogether because they may leave a public place feeling exhausted, but FM systems can reduce the strain and make going out fun again.

fm system, oticon fm system, oticon assistive listening devices, hearing loss, hearing aidsThere are three different styles of FM systems to wear: neckloop, headphones and earphones. Most people find that the neckloop style is the most comfortable and convenient, and it can easily be worn underneath clothing. These can be used with a t-coil hearing aid. Earbuds can be used without hearing aids, and headphones can be used with or without hearing aids.


FM systems are great for lectures or speeches because it can be very challenging for someone with hearing loss to understand the speaker, despite the use of a microphone. The acoustics of a building and the whispers of others in the crowd can make deciphering words very difficult. By using a transmitter microphone and a receiver, the hearing aid wearer can understand the voice in their devices. FM systems quite literally bring the sound directly to the ears.

Going out to dinner

Do you find yourself avoiding dinner dates with your spouse because you can't hear in loud settings? Or are you always trying to beat the rush so that you can enjoy a quiet night without having to repeat yourself over and over again? FM systems are the perfect complement to an evening out on the town because you don't have to plan around crowds or make sure the place you are going to is appropriate for your hearing loss. It opens up the door to explore new cuisine, travel to new places and relax no matter where you are.

FM systems work in a group setting as well because you can place the microphone in the middle of the table to pick up the voices of each person.

Social events

Mingling with people at an event when you are coping with hearing loss can be a struggle if there are a lot of people, but it doesn't have to be that way. Whether you are going to a family event, work function or party, you can bring along an FM system to make sure that you don't need to ask others to repeat themselves.

Next time you are visiting the audiologist, make sure to ask about FM systems that are appropriate for your lifestyle. If you love going out and enjoying the company of others, a FM system can be a great tool to carry around.

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