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MidState Ear, Nose & Throat Center | Hearing Center Interview

MidState Ear, Nose & Throat Center | Hearing Center Interview Lynn Fickes, audiologist at the MidState Ear, Nose & Throat Center, began her journey in the hearing healthcare field in high school, and has since worked hard to provide proper care to those in ne... 2013 447 MidState Ear, Nose & Throat Center | Hearing Center Interview

Editor's note: Unfortunately, MidState Ear, Nose & Throat Center has closed its doors; however, Lynn Fickes is now practicing with another hearing center in the area. To locate a hearing healthcare professional near Carlisle, Penn., see other professionals in the area

Located in Carlisle, Penn., the MidState Ear, Nose & Throat Center provides both medical and surgical care to adults and children. The facility is led by Bernadette Braze, board-certified otolaryngologist (ENT) and facial plastic surgeon, and Lynn Fickes, audiologist, who work together to provide a broad range of services to south-central Pennsylvania. Fickes and the rest of the team at MidState ENT use only the latest in technology, bluetooth capabilities and innovative hearing aid styles.

hearing loss, hearing aids, hearing aid center, midstate ent and hearing"I grew up with analog technology which taught me how to be a counselor for a patient and their loved ones. In the early years, I spent much of my time helping patients and their loved ones in rehabilitation of hearing," Fickes wrote in an email interview. "Today, I guide my patients and educate them in the technologies that are available and together we decide what is important for their individual listening needs as well as their financial needs. I pride myself in assisting a patient in the process of identification of their own needs; technology meets the patient with me as the mediator."

In order to provide the best care to her patients, Fickes believes it's important to get to know individuals on a personal level. "I enjoy learning their life stories; personal and professional stories," she said. "I have met some fascinating people through my work. I enjoy listening to them and hearing about their lives. I especially enjoy when they share their successes with amplification. I heard my grandson's musical concert, or I understood my staff in a meeting and didn't have to ask anyone to repeat, or I heard the birds singing in the back yard for the first time in years."

Fickes struggles with some patients because they simply cannot afford the cost of hearing technologies to help them improve their hearing. This limited access sometimes makes it difficult to provide proper care, but Fickes has seen some patients who strive to get their hearing back.

"An Amish woman, who had been told for years that she had to live with her hearing loss and 'deal' with it, saved her own money and decided to venture away and take it upon herself to try a hearing instrument," Fickes said. "She literally cried when she put the devices on and could clearly hear and understand her husband and me in the office. Priceless moments like that have happened numerous times in my career."

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