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Dr. Granville Brady Jr. | Hearing Center Interview

With two locations in New Jersey in Clifton and East Brunswick, Dr. Granville Brady Jr. serves patients who suffer from hearing loss and balance problems related to hearing issues with the use of the latest technology. Dr. Brady has dual certification in speech pathology and audiology, and has worked to serve the community under his name, instead of a clinic name, for 30 years.

dr. granville brady jr, hearing aid, hearing health professional, hearing lossThe clinic also offers services for individuals looking to protect their hearing, but have not yet experienced symptoms of hearing loss, such as hunters and construction workers. By providing this care, Dr. Brady hopes to decrease the amount of hearing loss individuals suffer from who are impacted by exposure to loud noises on a regular basis. Throughout his many years of experience, Dr. Brady worked at General Electric as a manager of their hearing conservation program before opening up his clinic.

"I am certified in speech pathology and audiology so when I see a child or a deaf person I can assess their communication skills, not just their hearing," Dr. Brady said. "A lot of times hearing impaired people have voice problems, but that is often overlooked. Some patients have problems with the loudness of their voice, so not only do you have to address issues of their hearing loss but you have to work on their ability to express themselves."

Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to inform patients on their need for a hearing aid. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, patients and their family members are often unaware of the severity of the hearing loss.

"I don't think people buy hearing aids for themselves - they buy them for their spouse or someone else. It isn't easy to communicate with a person who is suffering from hearing loss if they don't get it corrected," Dr. Brady said. "I have an audio scan system that allows me to replicate what the patient actual hears and sometimes the spouse isn't actually aware of how bad the person's hearing is."

However, with the age of the internet comes online retailers and manufacturers that sell hearing aids without properly fitting a patient.

"The biggest problem I see is the retailers, the discount houses. The concept that someone can get a mail-order hearing aid, put it on and they are going to be just fine and dandy," he said. "And that is taking us a real step backwards. I think people treat hearing aids as a product and not part of a service."

And Dr. Granville Brady enjoys being part of that service to individuals. "I really feel as if I am helping people, and I have fun doing that. It's always neat when someone comes in and they are really grouchy and they're not hearing well," he said. "Two or three weeks later they come back and all the sudden they are smiling and they are talking to you and telling you a joke. It's the change I see in people. It's a hoot!"

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