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President of Healthy Hearing promotes hearing health in podcast

President of Healthy Hearing promotes hearing health in podcast As part of Better Hearing Month, Dr. Paul Dybala, President of Healthy Hearing, discusses the importance of living a hearing healthy lifestyle. 2013 412 President of Healthy Hearing promotes hearing health in podcast

With one week left to celebrate Better Hearing Month, Healthy Hearing President Dr. Paul Dybala participated in an eHealth Radio Network podcast Wednesday. Dr. Dybala spoke with radio host Eric Michaels about the importance of getting your hearing tested to your overall health.

“We regularly get our eyes and our teeth checked, why not our ears,” Dr. Dybala said. “With approximately 48 million Americans suffering from some form of hearing loss, it is the third most common health problem in America behind high blood pressure and arthritis.”

healthy hearing president, paul dybala, hearing loss, audiologist, texasAs a practicing audiologist for more than 15 years, Dr. Dybala stressed the benefits of living a healthy hearing lifestyle.

“If you do have a hearing loss this can result in more than just problems communicating with a loved one,” Dr. Dybala said. “The National Council on Aging found links between untreated hearing loss and depression and John Hopkins School of Medicine found hearing loss was related to many cases of dementia.”

In addition to the mental and emotional effects of hearing loss, studies by the Better Hearing Institute concluded that households with working individuals suffering from untreated hearing loss made on average up to $12,000 less annually, depending on the degree of hearing loss.

The good news is hearing loss doesn’t have to negatively impact your life.  The first step to treating hearing loss is getting your hearing tested and finding out what, if any, actions need to be taken.

“At we are actually running a campaign to encourage people to get their hearing tested,” said Dr. Dybala. “For every pledge sign up, we are going to donate $1 to research to find a cure for hearing loss through the Hearing Health Foundation.”

Once you commit to having your hearing tested on Healthy Hearing, you’ll receive an email with a list of hearing healthcare professionals in your area.

“Just to put everything in perspective, a hearing exam is way easier and less invasive than some other annual exams,” said Dr. Dybala. “Hearing tests are simple, quick and painless. You have no excuse not to get this done.”

In addition to hearing loss, hearing exams and the pledge, Dr. Dybala also provides information on prevention, hearing aids and tips on how to tell if you or a loved one might have hearing loss.

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