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Audiological Services | Hearing Center Interview

After opening its doors in January 1995, Audiological Services in Lufkin, Texas, has committed to serving the community with personalized hearing healthcare. Lead by Sally E. Muhlbach, who is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and board certified doctor of audiology, the team at Audiological Services offers complete audiological evaluations, hearing aid services and a 30-day trial for hearing aids. The private practice offers CompleteHearing Health aids. The private practice offers Complete Hearing Health Care©, which is the most comprehensive coverage available. As their motto says, "Our patients are friends like family."

"Our staff members genuinely welcome all who enter our door, work together to provide unsurpassed quality of care and effectively improve the quality of life for our patients with hearing loss," Muhlbach wrote in an email interview. "We are proud to educate our patients regarding hearing protection, their specific hearing loss and best solutions to correct their loss in a 'no pressure' atmosphere."

audiological services, hearing loss, hearing aidsImproving hearing

For Muhlbach and her staff members, providing patients with improved hearing, regardless of age, is why the industry has been such a solid match. People of all walks of life can suffer from hearing loss, and technological advancements and innovations enable anyone who walks in the door to find the best possible solution to hear clearly and gain confidence.

"Today's hearing instruments are smart mini-computers that know the difference between speech and noise," Muhlbach said. "They are able to reduce background noise while increasing speech, providing much better understanding when in social or noisy environments. Most hearing devices are equipped with Bluetooth technology which enables our patients to understand phone conversations and television dialogue once again."

Helping others hear better

Although Audiological Services is the only private practice hearing health care center within a 60-mile radius, Muhlbach doesn't reduce her quality of work because of this fact that would work in her favor. With tenacity, honesty and a true passion for helping others, Muhlbach makes everyone feel at home in her office.

"My most favorite part of being a hearing healthcare practitioner is seeing patients hear for the first time in years," she said. "When patients return for their first follow-up visit after wearing the new hearing devices programmed specifically for their unique hearing loss, they share what new sounds they have heard for the first time in years. They shed tears of joy and gratitude; often, I receive hugs and a 'thank you' - Being a part of improving someone's quality of life keeps me coming back to work each day with a smile."

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