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What common sounds do people with hearing loss miss?

If you suffer from hearing loss, it may mean that you're unable to communicate with friends and loved ones without asking them to repeat themselves. It could also mean that you have to turn up the volume on your television to understand what is going on. However, do you ever think about the everyday noises that you might be missing? Depending on the severity of your hearing loss, you could be missing some of your favorite sounds that you've grown to love over the years without even realizing it.

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Seasonal noises

Have you always enjoyed the calming sounds of birds chirping in the spring time, the crunch of leaves in the fall, and the crackling of a bonfire in the summer or fireplace during the holiday season? These are some of life's little pleasures that people with hearing loss might miss out on.

Without the help of hearing aids, background noises such as these go under the radar. Are you a huge baseball fan and love the sights and sounds of heading to the ballpark in the summer? The crack of the bat can be easily undetected for individuals with hearing loss.

Daily sounds

Do you ever realize how much of your everyday life depends on hearing? For example, waking up on time from work likely depends on your ability to be able to hear your alarm clock go off each morning. Or what about being able to hear your kitchen timer going off to alert you that food is ready to come out of the oven?

All of these sounds are integral parts of your daily life, and without the help of hearing aids, it's possible to completely miss those noises. If you have a dog or cat at home, hearing loss may prevent you from hearing them bark or meow, which often indicates that they need to be fed, or that your dog needs to be taken outside.

Pronounced noises

Being with severe hearing loss can miss loud sounds such as construction, an airplane or lawn mower, which could pose a safety concern in some situations.

Although it might seem nice to some people who would prefer to avoid these sounds, being able to hear a construction site or lawn mower will make you aware of your surroundings whether you are inside or out.

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