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Take the pledge and hold yourself accountable

Take the pledge and hold yourself accountable Hearing loss tends to have a stigma surrounding it, but it is something that plagues one in five Americans, according to the Hearing Healthy Foundation. 2013 483 Take the pledge and hold yourself accountable

Hearing loss tends to have a stigma surrounding it, but it is something that plagues one in five Americans, according to the Hearing Health Foundation. Having a loss of hearing without visiting a hearing professional can result in depression or inverted behavior due to the lack of ability to communicate properly with loved ones and friends. But what is the use in waiting any longer?

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Hearing loss is an ailment that typically gets worse over time, so putting off a visit to the audiologist may just make the situation worse. You should hold yourself accountable to taking a pledge on our site to get your hearing examined and improve your quality of life. There are plenty of ways you can follow through with your pledge and feel good about the decision.

Ask a friend or family member
It can be intimidating to go into any healthcare professional's office alone. Ask a friend or family member to come along with you and have them take the pledge as well. No matter how old, hearing loss can affect anyone and many general practitioners do not regularly check for hearing loss. By encouraging someone to come with, you are helping to improve your life and someone else's.

Tell someone about it
If you don't have anyone to go with to get their hearing checked, just talking with friends and family members about the situation may increase your accountability. By having a conversation about hearing loss with someone close to you, it may be the extra push you need to ensure that you follow through with the promise to yourself. This conversation might make you realize the importance of getting your hearing checked and it may instill worry in your close friend or family member. After having this conversation, you may find it easier to convince someone else to come along as well.

Just do it
It gets easier to procrastinate the longer you hold off on doing what you've set out to do. There's no need to wait any longer. By simply booking an appointment with an audiologist, you are helping to hold yourself accountable to the decision that you will get your hearing checked to improve your life. Search for a hearing health professional in your area and let them know you've taken a pledge to get your hearing checked.

Reward yourself
Going to the doctor can be scary, but going through with a pledge to yourself will bring you a sigh of relief afterwards. Before getting to the audiologist's office, think of a way to reward yourself for doing what you know is right and healthy. Whether it is a piece of chocolate, a new clothing item, a stroll in the park or a movie, having something to look forward to will make the situation much less stressful on yourself. Plus, you are doing a good thing, and you deserve to be rewarded.

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