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Get accustomed to your hearing aid

Purchasing hearing aids is the first step to improving your hearing loss, but there is often an adjustment period to go through before becoming accustomed to new sounds in your daily life. It may be uncomfortable the first time you wear a hearing aid, but understanding proper adjustments and settings will help make the transition flawless.

Getting adjusted

hearing aids, hearing aid user, getting used to hearing deviceIt may be helpful to start out slowly. Instead of going outdoors your first day with a hearing aid, stay in your home where you have more control over the sounds. Noises might sound very intense the first day you wear a hearing device.

There are several things you will have to get used to with your hearing aids – and the most obvious is hearing clearly. Background noises may be the most challenging thing to get used to because these everyday sounds were likely murmurs before receiving your hearing aid. Learn to recognize the sounds and try to tune them out as best as you can until you become accustomed to your hearing aid.

Ask a friend or family member to simply have a conversation or read aloud to you without any distractions in the background to get used to the amplified speech.

Wearing your hearing aid

Even if you have a custom-fitted hearing aid, it may take some time to get comfortable with the device in your ear. The ear may be a bit tender from having the hearing aid in it consistently, but this uncomfortable ache should dwindle within a week or two. If your ears are still tender after several weeks, call your audiologist to ensure there isn't an issue with fitting.

Choosing the correct settings

You should practice using the controls and adjusting the hearing aid volume in a controlled, comfortable space. Controls will vary by style, and it is likely that both ears are different. Hearing aids have a volume setting that can be adjusted to your preferences, unless the device adjusts automatically. Some hearing aids will offer programmable settings for different environments that will make it easier for you to deal with a noisy place.

You'll also want to determine how to use the telephone setting, which allows you to easily switch to a phone call.

Keeping in contact with your audiologist

It may take a week or so to get used to your hearing aid, but if it is uncomfortable or painful, it may be time to talk to your audiologist. During the transition period, you'll want to maintain communication with your specialist to combat any lingering issues and determine whether they are a simple fix or more complex. It's important to remember that your hearing did not disappear overnight, so it's unlikely that you'll become completely accustomed to a hearing aid device right away. It's recommended to visit the audiologist about two to four weeks after getting your hearing aid.

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