Healthy Hearing Offers Free Guide to Understanding Types of Hearing Aids

Healthy Hearing Offers Free Guide to Understanding Types of Hearing Aids Healthy Hearing free guide provides information on types of hearing aids and understanding and purchasing hearing aids. 2012 646 Healthy Hearing Offers Free Guide to Understanding Types of Hearing Aids

You might think of the latest smart phone or hand-held computer when someone mentions digital technology, but do you know hearing aids have joined the revolution? The free guide by Healthy Hearing, Guide to Hearing Aids: Types of Hearing Aids and Advanced Hearing Technology, explains the advancements this particular hearing loss treatment has seen in the last few years.

In the hearing aid guide you’ll learn why those who suspect they may have some type of hearing loss should schedule an appointment for a thorough hearing evaluation at their earliest convenience.

Free guide provides tips to buying hearing aids, types of hearing aidsBasic information about today’s hearing aids, including how hearing aids process sounds and control amplification, is explained. The guide shares statistics from studies indicating hearing aid users enjoy better quality of life – and research shows those who have untreated hearing loss risk losing more of that sense the longer they wait to correct it.

Remember the cartoon images of the old man with the long, trumpet-like amplification device? Today’s hearing aids are often nearly invisible and function like microcomputers. Would you believe some hearing aids even have voice alerts? The guide explains how to find which hearing aids are best for you, with a link to more information on the best hearing aids on the market.

After your hearing care professional explains your hearing test results, you’ll be provided with a variety of hearing aid options. The guide explains how choosing the right hearing aid depends upon the severity of your hearing loss, lifestyle, preferences and past experience.

Regardless of whether you choose to wear your hearing aids in the ear canal or prefer a behind-the-ear model, there’s a range of styles, sizes and even colors to fit every personality. Illustrations in the guide depict three types of in-the-ear models: Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC), In-the-Canal (ITC) and Low Profile. All illustrations are accompanied by easy-to-read text describing each style’s features and what types of hearing loss they’re best suited to improve.

Additionally, three types of Behind-The-Ear (BTE) models are illustrated and described. Today’s users can choose from a Mini BTE with Slim Tube and Tip, a Receiver-in-the-Ear (RITE) or a BTE with earmold model.

Links in the guide lead you to more information on the website to help you better understand your hearing test results, and provide more information on digital hearing aids, hearing loss and hearing treatment.

Much like different varieties of personal computers, today’s hearing aid user can choose from a multitude of technological options. Basic digital hearing aids require the wearer to make some manual adjustments while advanced digital technology offers more sophisticated features. The guide provides a brief listing and description of a few of these features, including: digital notice reduction, hearing aid Bluetooth interface and data logging.

Included in the guide is a basic guideline to costs associated with purchasing a hearing aid, the average lifetime of the instrument and the benefits of using two hearing aids, as recommended.

Later sections of the guide contain a straightforward list of what hearing aid users can expect and common questions and answers relating to care and handling, batteries and warranties. A link in the ‘Getting Hearing Aids’ section leads you to a ‘Frequently Asked Question’ (FAQ) section on the website regarding the latest information on hearing evaluations – and the final section provides a series of quotes from individuals who are enjoying improved quality of life with their hearing aids.

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Want to know more? Look for the other free guides in the Healthy Hearing series, including: Hearing Loss and Treatment, Hearing and Your Loved Ones, Understanding Your Audiogram and the Types of Hearing Loss and How Do We Hear: The Anatomy of the Ear. 

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