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Nearly Invisible Hearing Aids

There are lots of people who want low-profile, discreet hearing aids. If discretion tops your priority list, explore and compare completely-in-the-canal, receiver-in-the-ear, or behind-the-ear hearing aids.

Complecic hearing aidstely-in-the-Canal (CIC)

Just like it says, these tiny, automated hearing aids are worn inside the ear canal, virtually invisible to those around you. If fitted well to your ear, they are the lowest profile, least conspicuous option.

CICs are custom-made, using impressions of your ears created in the local clinic and sent to the hearing aid manufacturer. CICs do require some maintenance since they spend the day in your ear canals. All the sensitive electronic components of the hearing aids are in direct contact with the moist, warm, wax-filled environment of your ear canal. Daily cleaning at home is essential, as is routine maintenance by a professional at least a few times a year.

Today, CICs deliver quality sound, automated convenience and a totally low profile. CICs are a good choice for those who prefer to keep their hearing loss to themselves, especially in today’s competitive workplace.

rite hearing aidsReceiver-in-the-Ear (RITE)

With RITE hearing aids, the speaker (also known as the "receiver") is placed inside your ear canal, rather than in the hearing aid. This allows for the hearing aid itself to be much smaller, while offering enough power to often accommodate even moderate-to-severe hearing losses. RITEs are a good choice for those who want wearing comfort. The trade off is a small device that is visible but doesn’t scream HEARING AID!

Maintenance on RITEs includes daily cleaning to keep that investment running smoothly and you hearing better. RITE hearing aids are customized to your needs, delivering more automation in a slightly larger package than a CIC.  So if ease-of-use ranks highly on your list, explore the option of RITEs.

bte hearing aidsBehind-the-Ear (BTE)

BTE hearing aids rest behind the ear with a small tube delivering sound from the hearing aid to an earpiece that fits in the ear canal. Today’s BTEs deliver discretion, lots of power, and often many advanced features in a casing as small as a nickel. Thin-tube models are often invisible, especially if covered with a well-designed hair style, making them a discreet choice.  They come in lots of colors including skin and hair tones that make these tiny ear computers all but invisible.

The pros on BTEs? They’re lightweight and comfortable, and they provide an open air feel because the speaker rests just outside the ear canal. That lets natural sound reach your hearing mechanism so you still use the hearing you’ve got.

Daily cleaning, again, is critical. However, maintenance is significantly less with BTE hearing aids because the speaker is not inside the ear canal and therefore not exposed to as much moisture or ear wax.  BTEs make battery changes a little easier, too, since the case is slightly larger than CICs or RITEs. Also, BTE batteries are usually larger and therefore last longer before needing to be changed when compared to CICs or RITEs.

Only 20% of people who would benefit from hearing aids actually use them. That means 80% of us don’t. And that’s sad because hearing loss robs you of the joy of sound that makes life better.

Make an appointment with an audiologist or hearing professional. Get hooked up and plug in to the world again. You’ll enjoy life more and no one has to know unless you want them to know.

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