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Hansaton Launches Brand in United States

Renowned German hearing systems company opens US headquarters in Minneapolis

January 11, 2010 – Minneapolis, MN - Representatives of Hansaton, the German-based provider of award-winning hearing systems, announced today they are now offering their products to US-based audiologists and hearing aid dispensers. Hansaton (hanz-a-tone) has designed and manufactured superior hearing devices for more than fifty years. The family-owned company currently has licensed dealers in 70 countries worldwide. Hansaton recently named industry veteran Robert Eastman as President and CEO of Hansaton-USA.

“Hearing device experts around the world know that Hansaton products offer world-class technology, designed in the great tradition of German engineering. But not everyone knows we offer much more than that,” said Eastman. “There are many excellent hearing assistance products to choose from. Hansaton has created a value equation that combines the finest hearing devices in the world with exemplary customer service, simple pricing and ordering systems and efficient operations. That’s really how we differentiate ourselves.”

Hansaton’s products include a full range of hearing systems to address virtually any hearing loss and stylistic preference. These systems include multiple sizes of Behind-the-ear (BTE) instruments, In-the-ear (ITE) instruments from full-concha to completely -in-the-canal and the latest receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) instruments with three available power levels. Hansaton’s hearing systems for adults and children include the award winning VELVET, first-class technology with a sophisticated appearance in an attractive design housing. Hansaton’s products are also fully wireless-enabled, with the latest in Bluetooth connectivity, stereo wireless listening and ear-to-ear control.

Hansaton products will be sold in the United States through audiologists and hearing aid dispensers. On all hearing instruments Hansaton is providing a comprehensive three-year product warranty along with many other features that come standard.

Hansaton’s U.S. headquarters are located in Plymouth, Minnesota. Hansaton USA is currently expanding its network of providers in the United States.

About Hansaton

In our 50 years as a European leader in hearing aid design, we’ve learned a few things about what it means to listen. It’s how we deliver more of what you want. It’s how we provide the best available technology and the best possible value. And we do it simply. Great products. Transparent pricing. Extraordinary service. We’re listening. 

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