Sexy Sounds: Yes, Hearing and Hearing Aids Can Be Hot

Already know what you’re thinking.

Gramps’ hearing aid. He carried it in his short pocket with a tangle of wires and an ear plug the size of a baby’s pacifier. That was state of the art technology back then – feedback, fumbling and serious feebness. People who wore hearing aids were old, worn out and broken. And we were so, so young.

Guess What? You’re In Hearing Aid Range!

Hearing loss is part of the natural aging process for many millions of Americans. Nature’s ear machines just ain't what they used to be as parts wear out. Hey, if you have stiff knees in the morning, you could have hearing loss from exposure to the constant noise that has ALWAYS surrounded you.

Ours is the first generation to have headphones. Remember them? Man, it was cool to crank up the music to brain bleeding levels. Hearing loss? What hearing loss? So, we had 8-tracks in our Gremlins, we had headphones designed to produce the loudest sound without distortion, we had glass-pack mufflers on the Mustang and rode our Harleys wide open – with no ear protection. That wasn’t even a consideration back then.

So here we are. In our 40s, 50s and 60s and noticing that the hearing just isn’t what it used to be. When you grow up surrounded by noise, hearing loss is the most likely consequence. So welcome to hearing aid range. You have arrived.

But I’m not Old. I Don’t Need Hearing Aids!

Hearing aids improve relationships
Redisover love again by improving communication with hearing aids

First, age has nothing to do with hearing loss. The textbooks are full of case studies of noise-induced hearing in kids in their 20s – even their teens. Head bangers rock on and, oh, yeah, lose their hearing early.

Hearing aids are no longer an age thing but they are, most definitely, a self-image thing and that’s the reason many of the tie-dyed, patchouli oil generation have put off having a hearing evaluation. (“Yes, my hearing is getting worse but I just can’t see myself wearing hearing aids.”)

Sure, hearing aids have always been associated with the elderly, but they’ve never been associated with sex appeal and a satisfying personal relationship with that one true love with whom you’ve shared a life. What will she think of me if I get hearing aids? Will he/she still find me attractive? Natural questions and you should expect answers before changing that self image.

In a nutshell, are hearing aids sexy? Answer: They darned well can be in lots of ways.

Better Hearing = Better Relationships

How sexy is it to say “What?” “Eh?” “Whatsay?” 50 times a day. Oh yea, that’s real attractive. You know – we all know – that a satisfying, loving relationship requires effective give-and-take and effective communication.

But if it’s all pops and clicks to you, there’s not going to be a lot of give or take. So, if you want to be a part of a warm, loving and supportive relationship with your sweetie, the ability to hear is kinda important. Something you might want to look in to.

And think about your spouse – the one who has to shout to be understood (no she/he isn’t mumbling). The one who has to wear earplugs so you can hear the TV. The one who’s just given up trying to break the sound barrier. That’s a relationship that is only going to grow even further apart. Without communication, there’s no sharing, no cooperation and little understanding.

However, there’s plenty of frustration and annoyance shouting all the time just to be heard. You want a close, loving (yes, sexy) relationship? Sure, we all do. And recognizing the need to hear is a big first step in improving a relationship that’s lost a little of its zip, its zing, its pizzazz.

Sexy Cool Hearing Aids

Oticon Dual Hearing Aids violet
Sexy cool with Oticon Dual hearing aids in shy violet

Sounds like an oxymoron, huh? Sexy hearing aids? Cool hearing aids? Well, the hearing aid industry has seen this Baby Boomer bubble coming for years and today, hearing aids aren’t big, clumsy, mechanical devices. They’re sleek, discreet, powerful, automated and comfortable to wear 16 hours a day!

You know the way that some cars exude sex appeal? The Ferrari Testarosa? The Masarati Gran Turismo? These are sexy machines and that’s what today’s manufacturers are offering up to this new generation of hearing aid consumers who aren’t old. They just blasted out their ears at Woodstock and now they need a pair of hearing aids.

Sexy cool hearing aids. And the industry has delivered with hearing aids in bright colors that let your freak flag still fly proudly. There are devices that let you live an active (read sweaty) lifestyle without blowing out the digital circuitry. Yep, with advancements in material technology hearing aids now are water resistant tokeep you in the marathon or on the court. You don’t have to give up anything. (Ok so you still can’t take a shower with them or dive into a pool but close)

You want complete invisibility? There are models called completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aids that can’t be seen and also new open fit behind-the-ear hearing aids that sti nestled behind the ear with only a thin clear plastic tube directed into the ear. Genius.

You want flash? Choose your color. Choose your design. How about zebra stripe? Kandy-Apple tangerine. They have arrived.

So Are Hearing Aids Sexy?

What do you think? Better communication between spouses, better relationship, better love….hearing is most definitely sexy. Understanding is sexy. Being a part of life, regardless of age is downright sexy.

And today, you don’t just feel it. You can look it if you want.

The Power to Hear.

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