TV and Hearing Aids Connect Wirelessly

TV and Hearing Aids Connect Wirelessly The networks are rolling out their new offerings for the fall TV viewing season and the question is: are you ready for some footballr Or, more specifically, are your hearing aids readyr Despite... 2008 437 TV and Hearing Aids Connect Wirelessly

The networks are rolling out their new offerings for the fall TV viewing season and the question is: are you ready for some football? Or, more specifically, are your hearing aids ready?


Despite advances in digital technology for hearing aids, listening to the TV can still pose problems for some hearing aid wearers.  What a drag. You wear hearing aids and you still have to turn your TV up.


The Oticon Epoq Series

Premium hearing aid manufacturer, Oticon – a company well-known in hearing industry circles as a leader has introduced wireless hearing aid technology to help with unmet needs, such as listening to the TV, for hearing aid users.


Meet Epoq. Not only does this hearing aid utilize wireless technology to allow two hearing aids to communicate to one another, it enables you to hear the TV directly through your hearing aids. With a simple push of the button, your TV can be streaming to both of your hearing aids allowing you to hear the TV crisp and clear, as well as to continue your conversations with those around you.


Introducing Epoq V

Wireless connectivity, at least initially, was a bit on the pricey side but, as with all things digital, the price drops quickly due to heavy-hitting competition and lower development costs.


That’s why Oticon developed the Epoq V. This attractively priced model delivers the same wireless connectivity as its big brothers – the Epoq XW and Epoq W, without a big price tag.


But that doesn’t mean the Epoq V is short on features. In fact, Oticon has packed the Epoq series with loads of features to improve hearing comfort, wearing comfort and automated convenience that enable you to move from one sound environment to another without having to adjust the Epoq V.

 “Many Epoq users point to the more natural sound quality they experience with Epoq and especially their improved capability to localize sounds,” noted Oticon’s President, Peer Lauritsen. “Some users even describe their experience as an ability to better ‘see’ where sounds are coming from.”

So, put in the microwave popcorn and settle into the ol’ comfy chair for your favorite shows this fall. With Oticon’s wireless technology, you’re going to like the way TV sounds again and you’ll get to catch all the fun primetime has to offer you.


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