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Wanted: Active Lifestyle - Seeking Durability + High Tech

Wanted: Active Lifestyle - Seeking Durability + High Tech In 2003 a new hearing aid was launched that began a new era in hearing care. SeboTek Hearing Systems introduced the Pac Voice-Q, the first receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid. This product brought an entirely... 2008 1076 Wanted: Active Lifestyle - Seeking Durability + High Tech

In 2003 a new hearing aid was launched that began a new era in hearing care. SeboTek Hearing Systems introduced the Pac Voice-Q, the first receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid. This product brought an entirely new design and fitting concept to the hearing aid industry and is now one of the fastest growing product styles around the world.

In a recent interview with AudiologyOnline's Editor-in-Chief Dr. Paul Dybala, co-founder and executive VP of SeboTek, Mike Feeley, discussed key industry issues that affect you, the consumer and where SeboTek has taken their ground breaking hearing aid design.

Approximately 80% of the hearing impaired population has chosen not to seek help, explained Mr. Feeley. We have come short as an industry to meet the desires and demands of the market and we felt that what was needed is a new product concept that would improve the short comings of traditional styles.

The basis of the design was to provide a more efficient system for the manufacturer and for the hearing care professional as well as a more efficient and better fit for the user. The design of our instruments allows for an instant fitting. It is able to eliminate occlusion effect [stuffy ear syndrome], it provides a discrete fitting, and it has the capability of fitting a wide range of hearing losses, anywhere from a mild to severe loss, which means it can fit practically anybody who comes into the office.

SeboTeks got it right. There have been stumbling blocks that prevent more consumers from employing the latest in hearing tech and the company has taken serious strides to eliminate the hassles of hearing.

Contemporary Hearing Aid Consumers Demand Convenience and Durability

Hearing aid wearers arent sedate, stay-at-home couch spuds. Were out there, engaged, active and sweaty. Yes, sweaty. And dusty and dirty. Were riding hogs and picking skeeters out of our teeth. Who knew getting older was so liberating?

Problem. Until now, finding a hearing aid that could stand up to everything from snowboarding to a friendly rugby scrum was difficult. Hearing aids today are packed with circuits, chips, wires, amps theres a lot of stuff crammed into any hearing aid. And, to keep all systems go, wearers kinda had to take it easy or at least remove the device before attacking the whitewater.

SeboTek Voice-Q 800 Series

Yep, its what weve all been waiting for durability and high-performance from a high-tech hearing aid. Good specs, built to cope with routine aid hazards like sweat, dust, dirt and particulate matter floating all around us, and the SeboTek Voice-Q series is cutting edge with its Hybrid Coupling technology which allows to transition from an open fit to a sealed fit while still providing the benefits of open fit technology. The Hybrid Coupling Technology positions the receiver in the ear canal leaving the cartilaginous portion of your ear open no matter which receiver you are fit with.

For mild to moderate hearing losses, the Mini-Receiver provides what profesionals call an open-ear sound and feeling.

The Power Receiver is designed to amp up the volume with a comfortable, fully sealed ultra soft silicone tip. This fit is deal for consumers with moderate to severe hearing loss who just happen to be scaling a 500-foot cliff, or running a marathon.

Durability: A SeboTek Priority

A priority for SeboTek when creating the 800 series was improving durability and resistance to moisture. Hearing aids that sit on or behind the ear are susceptible to sweat, moisture and debris. According to Mr. Feeley, the components that are [most] susceptible to sweat and moisture are the microphones, the switch (if there is one), and the battery contact area. We improved our moisture resistance in all of those areas in the 800 Series. The microphones have moisture resistant filters inside a replaceable microphone cover.

And what does that mean to SeboTek consumers? If the hearing aid does encounter soil or moisture, rather than having to send the unit back to the factory for repair, the microphone covers can be easily and quickly be replaced by your hearing health care professionals.

The manufacturer of quality devices sealed the works in multiple layers of wind and moisture protection that stand up to anything short of a Force 5 hurricane, protecting the 800 Series guts from dirt, dust, sweat, water you can keep on doing what youve always done without worrying about whether the SeboTek 800 will short circuit or blow a fuse.

The SeboTek 800 Tech Specs

Very tasty.

The manufacturer has loaded a bunch of goodies into its unique, Hybrid Coupling 800 Series. A wide frequency range delivers natural sound and all the sounds youve been missing.

The 800s come in a wide range of sizes to fit almost any ear, delivering wearing comfort all day and all night. You got things to do.

More? Okay, how about:

  • Voice Priority Noise Reduction, which is an advanced, automated noise reduction system that reduces background noise while maximizing speech present in your environment. The result is the ability to focus on the voice speaking to you and not on the noise around you.
  • In addition to the natural feedback resistance of the SeboTek design, the 800 series provides additional protection with an advanced feedback cancellation system to detect and eliminate whistling efficiently and quickly.
  • Utilizing hearing aids in a noisy environment can be challenging. The 800 series provides the added benefit of directional microphone technology which will reduce sound behind you while at the same time amplify the sound in front of you. This feature can be accessed manually or through an automated program which will adjust the hearing aid hands free for you when background noise is detected.
  • The SeboTek 800s also come standard with multiple memory settings, wireless connectivity with wireless neckloop devices, a low battery indicator (always carry a spare) and tele-coil technology. Thats a lot of stuff in a small, robust package.

One Last Thing

Flash. Style. Impact. Confidence. Not usually words youd associate with hearing aids, but SeboTek and other hearing aid manufacturers are changing attitudes about hearing health and hearing aids.

So, if you want to go discreet you can. No problem. But, if you want to show a little sass, a little attitude, the 800 Series comes in a full spectrum of colors. Even better you can change the color at any time youd like with a simple visit to your hearing health care professionals office.

SeboTek does have it right. Convenient, durable, stylish, comfortable. Thats a lot of features in a small package.

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