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Built for a Life of Adventure

In Swahili, the word SAFARI means "journey", which is exactly how your child's life could be described. Safari is also the name of a pediatric line of hearing aids by Oticon that offer unique opportunities to children with hearing loss. With Safari as a constant companion, children get the very best out of every stage of their life as they experience life's adventures.

Hearing More Speech and More of Their World

Safari hearing aids provide extra high frequency details allowing children to hear more of the important, soft consonant sounds (such as "f", "s" and "sh") that make individual words easier to hear and understand. By capturing most of the difficult-to-hear speech sounds, Safari does more to support the process of speech acquisition and learning than any other hearing aid currently available.

With a more accurate perception of their environment, people and places they will feel more confident and more secure in school, at the playground and at home.

Fitting In, Having Fun and Connecting

Children today live in a digital world, connected to gadgets on a daily basis. For children with hearing loss, life should not have to be different. Whether they're toddlers or tweens, children want to be able to use phones, mp3 players, TVs and PCs just as easily as all their friends - and with Safari and the Oticon ConnectLine Streamer accessory they can. The Streamer can also be used as a remote control - an accessory parents will find extremely useful.

Born for Adventure

The small, lightweight size and ergonomic design of Safari hearing aids make them ideal for a child's life of adventure. Sitting snugly in place, Safari goes wherever your child goes. Besides being easy on the ears, Safari is easy on the eyes thanks to cool colors and whimsical stickers that allow children to make their hearing aids their own unique creation.

This content was last reviewed on: May 15th, 2014

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