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Oticon Alta, hearing aid, hearing loss

Ultimate Performance

Hear more anywhere, anytime, with the ultimate performance of Alta. Alta provides you with speech clarity, directionality and connectivity. Wherever you go, whatever you do, make it your life and your world — with Alta.

Revolutionary New Fitting

Alta’s revolutionary fitting process reaches beyond the audiogram and allows practitioners to factor more personal dimensions into each fitting for a hearing solution that is as unique and individual as their patients.

oticon alta, hearing aid, hearing lossPersonalized Sound

Alta's Inium signal processing provides the power to exchange vital, real-time information continually and seamlessly between both ears for more natural, authentic sound. By offering our best speech understanding ever, Inium goes further than ever before to alleviate the stress and fatigue of living with hearing loss.

Inium’s advanced computing and memory power drives a range of exclusive Oticon features:

  • Speech Guard E delivers a clearer and more detailed speech signal that keeps voices distinct from one another and separates them more clearly from competing background sounds.
  • Spatial Sound Premium uses Inium’s high bandwidth, smooth frequency response and real-time binaural processing speed to preserve the sound signal’s natural characteristics so users can better prioritize where they focus in environments with competing sounds.
  • Free Focus directionality offers five unique surround and directionality modes and adds a new level of freedom and personalization to each client’s hearing experience.
  • Feedback Shield prevents and suppresses feedback while optimizing and ensuring audibility without distortions or artifacts, even in difficult listening situations. Unlike other anti-feedback systems that reduce gain and compromise audibility, Feedback Shield removes feedback with an intelligent balance of frequency shifting and phase inversion.

Style and Technology

Alta packs optimum performance capabilities into highly configurable RITE, BTE and custom designs, including custom receivers, domes and shells. 

For more information on Oticon's Alta, visit the Alta page on Oticon's website.

This content was last reviewed on: October 3rd, 2014

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